We knew today was going to be the day. I had thought it was a seperate kit. I was wrong. Just too much info coming too fast. Woot!. Take a look below. They look wonderful. These are set for release on the June 4th and are up for pre-order today.

The Battleforce available contains 10 Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors, 10 Dark Eldar Wyches, 3 Reaver Jetbikes and 1 Dark Eldar Raider and is an excellent price for what we are getting.
Talos Pain Engine- $44.50
Cronos Parasite Engine- $44.50
Venom Transport- $30.00
Scourges- $25.00 (5 to a box)
Dark Eldar Battleforce- $95.00


  1. Awesome models.

    Also this was just posted on warseer:


  2. The same box makes both the Chronos and the Talos.
    They're just listed twice.

  3. excellent. I did not catch that yet.

  4. Hell, Cronos / Talos looks just awesome! For a second I meditated on starting a Dark Eldar army right now... These things will sell like hot cakes. Awesome! Really awesome! If only every army would get such love...

  5. the talos is a big disappointement for me,it is a grotesque under a carapace instead of a full mechanical machine, i prefer the scratchbuild version in this article which is really close to the codex artwork :


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