Today Forgeworld has released a new set of assault armours for your Space Marines. They are nice models, and I love the jump packs. They are available now.  Here is the link to Forgeworld

MkII Crusade Armour

MkII Armour represented a significant technological step forward from the original Space Marine Thunder Armour. Created by the Adeptus Mechanicus, it was totally enclosed and life sustaining, making it suitable for use in a variety of hostile environments including deep space. The few surviving examples of this pattern are still maintained by some of the oldest Space Marine Chapters and are venerated as sacred relics

MKV Heresy Armour

The iconic MkV ‘Heresy’ pattern of Space Marine Power Armour was first created during the dark days of the Great Betrayal. Remarkably durable and easy to produce and maintain, large quantities were supplied to the Space Marine Legions prior to, and during, the Heresy. As the galaxy spanning civil war progressed, new supplies of arms and armour for the Traitor Legions were heavily disrupted, forcing them to scavenge components from their fallen enemies


  1. Ah, this brings back memories of old Games Workshop catalogs, although vastly updated. I am sure Jes Goodwin has been overseeing the design with all the care and attention he could muster. The jump packs in particular look stunningly well detailed.

  2. DAMN! Those models are SWEET!

    Looks like I'll be ordering some reinforcements for my Astral Claws Retaliator squads!

    Oh yeah, Forgeworld also posted new Badab War content in the shape of 4 x new scenarios and 2 x new special characters.

    Link to the new material here:

    The new characters are Salamanders Master Apothecary (hrm, didn't know they had those) Master Shen and Astral Claws Arch-Centurion Carnac Commodus, for use with a Tyrant's Legion variant list.

    Master Shen is VERY cool! For 135 points you get a 2 wound, WS5, A2 Apothecary IC with Artificer Armour, Plasma Pistol, Power Weapon, Narthecium. Since he's an IC he can lead any squad and he confers FNP on them. If they should roll a 1 for FNP they can re-roll it. What's more, Shen may shift one wound he suffers per turn onto a member of his squad and then THAT model gets to take any save (his marines love him so much they dive in the way to protect him). Great combo to run him with a Hammer-nator squad giving them FNP and since he doesn't have a ++ save, shift one Instant Death hit Shen takes over to a 3++ Storm Shield model. -SERIOUSLY- tempted to take a Vulkan list with him added to it for the next Mechanicon!

    Arch-Centurion Commodus is far less impressive and I'm not sad he didn't see print. He's 50 points more than a regular Centurion. He does get one more WS,I & A but he loses the most useful rule for a Centurion, Angel of Death, which confers ATSKNF to any squad he joins (can you say 40 Auxilia). He also loses access to any useful wargear upgrades. Instead he has a...Bolt Pistol? Oh, yeah, and a S5 Rending Chainsword. At least he comes with an Iron Halo so now gets a ++ save.

    His special rule is that he gets to re-roll Sweeping Advance and inflicts one extra hit on Fearless squads that lose combat. Wow.

    This is NOT what the Tyrant's Legion list needed. What it really needs is an IC to unlock different builds or get better access to Marine or Guard equipment or something. Maybe an artillery spotter Techmarine with an advanced signum who could let you run -batteries- of Thunderfire cannons? Or an Arch Vivisector Apothecary who let you take Corpse Taker units as Troops and gives Dissection Servitors Furious Charge and/or Preferred Enemy?

    Right now what should be cool list with brutal big guns and combined arms of Guard & Marines instead gets the worst junk from both. I don't know how the heck the Tyrant was such a threat with THESE guys! LOL

    Oh well, keep struggling with it I guess.


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