It is a rather slow and wet Sunday morning. It would be nice if the weather could grant us a few dry days in a row up here in the Pacific Northwest. The following rumors are pretty brief. The continuing battle of rumors that we are going to see a switch from metal to resin has become rather dull, kind of like the weather lately.

So lets just get this morning rumor in, so we can move on with our day. There is after all a Tyranid element to it. To be honest, I find the picture much more exciting than this set of rumors this morning.

The following rumor comes to us via magnum12 with an ever popular source. These are rumors, so please take with salt.

Source: GW "Black Shirt".
After a conversation, I heard these tidbits. Note: Very vague as what should rightfully be expected. Take with typical grain of salt.

1. Should Tyranids get wave 2, it would be most likely mid-late Q3 2011- early Q4 2011. Didn't hear anything about a Hive Tyrant but one being in plastic is plausible. Plastic Harpy likely. Tervigon and Tyrannofex unknown.
OP Commentary: Given GW plans with hybrid kits, I would say that the Hive Tyrant is likely as it is a hybrid kit.

2. Sisters most likely in 2011.
OP Commentary: Fits with a lot of the other "chatter" that's been going around.

3. Metal is NOT going bye-bye. Resin is not going to be a replacement for the following reasons. 1. Cost. 2. Safety, especially for the younger players (remember resin dust which is more difficult to control the risks for than the other hobby items when younger ones are taken into consideration). Metal will instead be just for blisters or direct order.

OP Commentary: Given current GW plans to demote metal to "low production" models (read characters and other blister things) and replace "high production" models with a plastic kit, this sounds pretty reasonable.

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