You asked if Tyranids had anything in the rumor mill, and almost immediately this hit. I was holding it to see if more information would unfold, but alas, nada.

So here is a quick one on just when we might see something Tyranid.
This is a rumor, so please take with a dash of salt

by Harry
I originally heard that was going to be the last 40K release this year. But lots of folks seem to think Sisters have taken this slot.

I think they will either be last release this year or first next year and sisters will be in the other slot.


  1. A new codex or a new FAQ would be nicer than models at this point.....

  2. Yeah Right! The Tyranid Codex is fine. How about Tau, Eldar, Orks, Chaos Marines/Demons first? Then we can go back to Nids.
    But yes some freaking new models would be nice.

  3. Because they totally didn't make it to the final tables of adeptacon or anything... Oh wait...

    But yes some new models would be awesome, while I would prefer from SoB stuff or my 2nd wave of Space Wolves, Nids do need some stuff.

  4. Although I don't quite understand this rumor, I really hope that those missing models will be released soon. And yes, the nid codex is lame compared to the new DE / GK / whatever, because it has some HUGE design issues and stupud rules, but those missing models would make it at least playable without schractch-building models...

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  6. yeah Nids SUCK compared to BAs SWs ect. but a new dex would be like GW admiting they fucked up the 1st time around :D i dought it very much.

    But i have heard RUMORS about tervigon/tyranofex, harpy & hive tyrant with wings as a plasti kit, along with Doom, Parasit, and some other stuff in metal or now finecast

  7. I think the 'Nids do need a new Codex. There stuff is extremely expensive points wise and force organisation needs to be sorted. There a great army and with tweaks could be greater.


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