The upcoming Secret Specialist Game release will not be Bloodbowl according to todays rumor. To be honest, this is from yesterday, however, I am still behind on releasing information.

So here is the rumor, please take with salt. It was a response to a question over in the Warseer forums.

filbert wrote:
So according to Warseer rumours it will either be BloodBowl, Man O War, Warhammer Quest or an expansion to Space Hulk?

Via Harry in response
Talk about hedging your bets....
Thats about the size of it.
Or at least it was 24 hours ago.
But in fact it is none of those.


  1. September will be the Game Day as well. Anyone knows what the main diorama theme will be?

  2. i love the art work for this post.

  3. Epic 40K?

    I'd be excited about that.

  4. Im hoping it might be BFG. BFG is a great game and having both and Necron and Chaos fleet already kind of helps ^_^.

  5. Ghost21 said it was Fantasy related.
    Or at least it wasn't 40k, can't remember which. :(

  6. I'm wishing it may be BFG. BFG is a good online game as well as getting each as well as Necron as well as Mayhem navy currently type of assists.

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