Apparently Games Workshop is working hard to silence the rumor mongers out there. They have supposedly put up a new rumor control policy and it involves the guy pictured above. Just joking on the pic, but GW is attempting to control the rumor mill. Check out the following rumor below.

As always take with salt.

Via By 4Chan via Kettu over at Heresy Online
Basically, GW have decided that starting soon, nobody and that means absolutely nobody, other than the guys who deal with the products etc, will know what is in the pipework or being released until 1 WEEK before it's actual release date. There will no longer be any incoming emails or the like, apparently the first that anyone will know of anything will be on the back page of WD. Which looks like releases will be tied into the same day that WD is released bearing in mind that subscribers get it around a week early.

Now before you all post pictures of salt cellars etc, I shall tell you where I heard this info. Today GW held it's National Managers Meeting at GW HQ in Nottingham, and the source of this was actually present at the meeting. So bearing in mind it came from the head honchos at GW, and was announced to each and every member of GW management from across the country, please refrain from the salt jokes please.


  1. I don't understand this at all. Rumors beget conversations. Conversations beget interest. Interest equals money for GW. They sound like a pack of nine year olds rather than savvy business men.

    Its like they have an insane need to control things that are completely unnecessary. All this will accomplish is less playtesting and lower sales on days/weeks of release.

    One of their best selling lines of recent note would be the Space Wolves. We had a constant stream of rumors filtering out about them for almost six months. This got fans in a frenzy and Unless I'm missing something it just seems really childish and almost sinister.

    1. I've heard that the reason why they are tightening up on rumours is due to Smaug. Since New Line Cinema doesn't want anyone to see a early sneak-peek of what they have done with Smaug in the new Hobbit movie, when they re-signed their contract with Games Workshop, they made it so GW can't "leak" pictures of the model for Smaug before the movie is released.

      Now to prove that GW is capable of such a feat, they've had to lock down everything for the next year and a half (or perhaps just half a year, depending on whether they show Smaug in the first or second part of The Hobbit).

      I imagine after the Hobbit movies are done with, and the LoTR line of miniatures falls to the wayside again, we will see the mass amounts of leaks spewing out again, since I seriously doubt that GW doesn't purposely leak the info themselves, to build hype.

    2. Wow, did not notice that this post was over a year old.. Haha

  2. *sigh*

    So they want me to pay twice as much as an Englishman for the same collectible product, reserving the right to change/replace/invalidate that product, and my thus collection, at any time, with one week's notice?

    Sound like they think I'm a stone cold sucker.

  3. I concur completely with what The Enemy said, also one other point, I don't have a lot of money to spend on my various hobbies so if there is something of interest coming up in the near future, (and the Space Pups was a perfect example of this, I had none and 1 month after release I had close to 3k points), I'll refrain from blowing my hobby budget for a couple of months so that it's all sitting there waiting for the big release that I know is coming up - as I have done for the Dark Eldar. I would have bought an air combat game that I've been looking at but kept the £70 I was going to spend for some scourges and a Razorwing or two - money that GW would not have seen for several months if there had been no rumours.

  4. Rumours lead to hype and hype sells models, I can only see this as a bad thing. There is a reason why the game industry has things like E3.

  5. A rumor about rumors. It's either really sad, or a testament to the will of the WH community.

  6. Man, this really sucks. Rumours that keep the constant flame in gamers for new models, and more importantly, as rumours seem to be quite reliable nowdays, it helps fund planning in advance. For example, having heard that Nid 2nd wave might come out in Q3, I allocated a small sum for this upgrade which I might not have been able to do if I suddenly realize from the newsletter that nids are here already. So by not letting people hear about rumours, GW cuts their own income because people cannot plan in advance.

    I simply fail to understand GW's business policy.
    * they raise prices every year regardless of the current status of the global market
    * they deny UK resellers shipping GW stuff outside UK
    * they make new resin minis because metal minis are expensive - yet the replacement comes with a price tag of +5-25%...
    * they fail to create errata and FAQ for codices that need them (hi Tyranids)
    * they fail to release models that could make said armies a little bit more competitive (hi Tyranids again)
    * they fail to communicate the immediate future of a not very cheap hobby (eg. why can't they just say "Guys, necrons are next, then Sisters, then Tau. As our plans go, there will be this and this and trhis after that codex." Hell they HAVE TO know what they are planning in advance for about two years. People should really know whether they should be having update for their armies or not and then they could start another. I have a friend who holds back buying because he wants to expand his Tau army but only after the new codex. Should he know that it will be released only end of next year, he might have start another army right now. This way, he buys nothing. No money for GW.

    I really can't understand, why GW is fighting so much to alienate gamers...

  7. My only comment about this rumor is that I have not heard or seen any evidence of this policy. So to me it appears that it is not going to happen.

    Besides, even if it did, we would still get our rumors.

    To be honest, I think there will still be a lot of rumors. They are just trying to control them better,and get them out of the hands of lowly managers. Basically get rid of all the bad and damaging rumors managers tend to propagate. In their case, they probably know just enough to get them into trouble without knowing the truth. This is logical, reasonable, and makes sense from a upper echelon point of view.

  8. Natfka, rumors will still exist, but if GW wants to get rid of damaging rumors, the best way would be through full (or at least SOME) disclosure. More information gives LESS room for false and misleading rumors, as well as building more customer trust and satisfaction.

    GW has never had great business policy as far as treatment of customers (I've been playing 40K for 15 years now), but in the last couple years, they've gotten MUCH worse. Maybe Jervis is becoming a paranoid, lunatic monarch in his old age? (kidding!)

  9. Over at Warseer they confirmed this rumor from what I have seen....

    Oh well, another nail in GW's coffin.Wonder how many are left...


  10. I am gussing the reasoning behind this is the idea of exclusivity. It is nice to know something that others don't, and when you are the one to share that information is it like it is yours. I am not sure what your local game sotre looks like, but my GW here in Fullerton has a great number of young teenage boys. While I am not one of them, they are the greatest money maker for GW (I have actually stopped buying stuff retail, eBay only for me) and if there is some young kid that feels "left out" he will be discouraged from continuing interest and thus stop spending money.

    If you have played any GW game for any length of time you know the system is broken. Although they are getting better, the rules still suck. The idea of switching the rules and armies every 5 years also sucks. I have gotten out of 40K ftwice and then back in again. I love the game even with its flaws. This policy will not affect the GW gamer like me at all. I will still continue to play (and spend money) the game, even if I know something is out or not.

    The arguments of being able to save up money to buy an upcoming army is moot. If GW is aware enough of their market they will supply all they need to in order to make the most, whether the consumer, you, knows it is coming out or not. I don't think they will loose money there at all. Think about it, GW has little competition. I know there are other games out ther like it, but nothing that has as much backstory or resources to make awesome looking models. GW does not really care if they loose customers, but they still want attract new ones. By putting a kibash on the rumor mill, they will be able to do that.

  11. So what's the big deal? So they tell us about new stuff on their terms. Is it really going to change how people buy stuff?

    So maybe you won't be the first guy on the block with GW's new shiny thing, but really does it matter?

    Yep, don't care.


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