This week's Pics of the Week we have a treat for all you Dark Eldar fans. Beckjann is an Canadian artist with a love for Dark Eldar. His page on Deviant Art is named appropriately Welcome to Commorragh, and it can be found by following the link. While I picked out some of my favorites for the post, it is worthwhile checking out more of his work.

I enjoy finding artist that create exceptional artwork on just about any topic, but to find one with a love for Dark Eldar, definetly grabs my attention. Enjoy.


  1. His work is really great and very inspiring as a DE player.

  2. Fantastic pieces from a great artist! However, the blue-haired Succubus in two of those images is a commissioned piece from another DE player/creator of the character and not to be used anywhere else without the creator's permission. (I think her deviantART user name is Shinobi-Raist her real name Jessica Tipton or "Jessie") The Dracon is also a commissioned piece created by a deviantART user known as Docile-Dragon.

    Just thought I'd give a little extra credit to the other creators since they're unique.


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