The latest is that the two upcoming Dark Releases, the first on June 4th, the second June 24th, will have a black box that will arrive on 13th. At least in the UK. Rumored contents are Scourges, Talos/ Cronos, and a flyer (probably the Razorwing Jetfighter). Also on the rumor front, announcments of releases/ pre-orders are generally said to fall on the Wednessday following a release weekend. Tomb Kings were released.

The Pic is a scratch built, so don't get too excited.

This pretty much puts us on the map for more Dark Eldar this coming week. In fact, I am so excited, I started painting my Dark Eldar today, and will be continueing again later tonight.

These are still rumors, so take with salt, until we hear an announcement.

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Just to update the guys and girls that are interested, the Black Box for the 2 Dark Eldar releases in June (11th & 24th) is due in stores next Friday 13th May. That's for UK stores anyway, not too sure how the dates for Black Boxes vary with other countries though, maybe someone that knows could elaborate?

Not 100% sure of the contents, however I wouldn't be surprised if it contained the Voidraven, Talos/Chronos and very possibly Scourges.

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I just visited a new GW and the store was awesomely friendly, unlike my usual GW employees this guy knew quite a lot about the new DE and he told me preorders would appear in 10 days...

Flyer for certain (no clue if it's 2 in 1 or just 1), talos/cronos, full plastic like the rumors say, he didn't know much about wracks or grotesques though, but more models will come, he just didn't want to tell me more, he told me: wait 10 days and you'll see.

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Pre-orders will be up on Weds, its always the weds after a release weekend Logged

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