Here are some pics that I have been promising of my own Dark Eldar force. All of it is a work in progress, but you can see that I have made considerable gains. I know you wanted to see more of it all together, however I just haven't had the time to get all that done.

I took some better pics this morning using natural daylight. You can see the model much better.

As for the Raider, you can see my more subtle shock prow, with the aggressive point downwards. There is a lot of machine work underneath for that prow. Also the blades hang off the side of that prow beneath.

You will also see hull mounted Torment Grenade Launchers on this raider. These are the large circular openings just past the front of the vehicle at the start of the platforms.

The Dual sails of course are the Aethersails. Raiders without are built with only a single large sail. I have not yet figured out what to put on the sails. I am figuring making my own decals for them, just not sure what to put yet.

Of course if you had not yet seen these, yes, those hooks are real. The mostly point inwards to avoid any nasty surprises while handling the model. ( I have only been stuck once and that was while painting). The chains all come from make your own jewelry type of stuff for kids. They are primed and painted. The rest of the model is completely converted with old Dark Eldar Raider bits, with a few misc thrown in. A little plasti-card as well.

Also I am going for a shiny glistening type of appearance on my dark eldar. So that was not by accident. The color is a very dark blue, with deep red accents. I was originally going for just the blue, but after seeing how dark and drab the army would be, I decided some models with color were needed.

As for the warriors. They are the old ones, de-spiked, de-pointed, and trimmed down.  A new blade was added on each shoulder, and the guns bayonet was altered for a sleeker appearance.

A few more pics below. Yes, my picture taking skills are very low. I will research how to take better pics at some point.


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