1. The upper left pic in the Gallery pic looks Dark Eldar. Any guesses?

  2. Looks like an Archon, but could be one of the unreleased characters.

  3. its an archon. I really don't like the look of the grotesque... wracks look good but still not as good as expected.

  4. Well the Hive Tyrant is rather dissapointing. With the price increas I had hoped they would put the Boneswords for the Swarmlord and the wings in the new box.

  5. still kind of hard to know until we see what comes with it. I would assume there are multiple options included.

  6. Picture in the upper left is just the Finecast version of the metal Archon already released in the DE first wave.

    Cool to see the Hive Tyrant will be in Finecast too.

    THANK YOU, Natfka!

    Those Wracks look amazing! I love the fact that they'll be separate pieces so conversions and various posing will be possible.

    Let's hope the Haemonculus are similarly multi-posable.

    I was -this- close to converting wracks for my DE army. Now I can focus on finishing up my Reavers and just pick these up when they're released.

  7. Yes it is still hard to know whether the Models will just be "restamps" or with possibly some more parts. I do sincerely hope that the Tyrant comes with other parts.

  8. Ohhhhh!

    Just realized those 'sprues' shown are for Skaven Warlord Queek Headtaker, not Wracks.

    So there's no guarantee that they'll be multi-posable. :(

    Although the picture of them indicates some degree of posability.

  9. They're really not that very inspiring from this first look, are they?

    The Wracks are alright, and they're close to the art, but the Grotesques just seem like their name is eponymous with the quality of the sculpt. Their blades are rather diminutive, and their claws look like they were taken off an ork sculpt from the 90s.

    (okay, so it's a Chaos power claw from the 90s, but still: http://www.griffingrove.com.au/images/uploads/GamesWorkshop/GW-Orks/Ork%20-%20Nob%20Ardboy%20Power%20Claw%20Horns.jpg)

    What's more, they appear to all have the exact same pose with only arm swaps available for some variety in the kit.

    Sorry to come down hard, but I was expecting such great things after the beauty of the Talos. That model was utterly perfect. These...are not.
    I guess I can take heart in the fact that my plans to convert my own will still, likely, yield better results than buying the actual models.

    Thanks for continuing to be one of the best sources out there, Natfka, and thanks for picking out the gems from the forums so us lazy gitts don't have to ;)

  10. You do realize that those sprues are from the Blood Island fantasy set, right? That's a Skaven Warlord.

  11. two or three comments up someone had already said what it was.

    Also the person who took the pictures I was in contact today with. The credit goes to InHuman-Bitz-Box for the pics.

  12. Grotesques, Wracks and Haemonculus are up for pre-order on Maelstrom! Although there is no info on the official GW site. How can that be?

  13. Okay, they are up on GW now! Hell they look awesome!!!


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