This was an interesting week with a full set of fantastic Necron rumors that seem to conflict in many ways with all the other compilations we have been recieving so far. With seperate confirmations on the new rumors, I am prone to beleive the new set of rumors are much more accurate. This leaves old sets of rumors either out of date, just not as accurate, or misinformed.

Presence of Faeit is a weekly editorial by myself. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

Those Necrons are Back
The new sets of rumors, if they hold true, really will make a very exciting and unique codex. This is what I look for when I see a new codex from GW. Is it competitive, or can it be? Is it fun to play, and does it bring about something unique for the army and other armies that play against it. If the last sets of rumors hold true, then the answer will apparently be yes. A serious congratulations to Games Workshop then.

Vehicles? A lot of people are very concerned about transports for the Necrons. While I am a little, I am sure they will handle it all in the fluff, and for me it is a little too early to have a strong opinion on it. As far as Egyptian space undead goes, I can see vehicles fitting the theme. What I do not think we will see, is necrons in an all vehicle army like Imperial Guard. This is what I think people fear might happen to Necrons.

Hold out and do not get worried yet on vehicles for necrons. There probably is limitations on how many you can get. On one side, place Imperial Guard with tons of vehicles, and put Tyranids on the other with none. One step above the tyranids on our sliding vehicle scale, put Necrons and we are cool. Give us lots of options for which to take though, since I am tired of seeing nothing but Monoliths. The Eygptians built more than just pyramids.

Dark Eldar Black Box
New arrivals for the Dark Eldar! Woot. After a week or so not really feeling 40k, such simple news has me back into the swing of things. Things we should be seeing are Razorwing Jetfighters, Venoms, Scourges, Talos/ Cronos, and possibly more. The more part being anything released on the second June release side of things.

Even if we don't get to see a black box, I am sure it is time for Games Workshop to give us something on the June releases. Pre-orders should start appearing. They have been holding those rumors tight. I mean TIGHT. I have been searching for leaks of stuff coming, and gotten nothing. Normally I would say that is bad news for me, and nothing is coming. However we know we have more Dark Eldar coming in June. We just don't know for sure what.

What I want to see is the above mentioned Razorwing Jetfighter, Venoms, Scourges, and Talos/ Cronos released on the first release date of the 11th. Then I am hoping that we will see possibly Haemonculi, Grotesques, and Wracks on the 24th. I know I am asking too much on this one, but who knows. Its very likely the first set will be split into two, and that I will have to wait even longer for my dreaded Grotesques.

Even mention of a longer delay makes my psychologically unstable Dark Eldar Kabal very very sad.

I am Painting!
Dark Blue, similar to the cover artwork of our codex. Almost black in fact. I also want a shine to them. I am staying away from metallics, because I am not the best painter, and know nothing on it. I simply want a simple paint scheme, and I think I have found it. While not done with a single warrior yet, I made tremendous forward leaps, by getting paint on some warriors and a raider.

I am not forgetting that I will be using a very dark red also for highlights in the army. For Capes/cloaks, some runes etc. I need a dark red for this, almost maroon. I am literally being inspired by the cover of the codex for my army colors. We will see how far that gets me. I will also post pics once I accomplish a finished model. Perhaps later this week, but I still need to pick up some red paint.

Thats it for today,
Have a Good Mother's Day. Do not forget to call your Mother, or give your Wife something if you have kids.

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