This could be the start of what we are waiting for, the Haemonculi coven releases for the Dark Eldar. This pic is small, and blurry, but it is definetly a Haemonculi. I just love it when we get lousy blurry images. Better than nothing though.

Now give me some shots of a Grotesque and you'll make my day.

Here is what is said about it
The source is Vovin over on Warseer. I also saw it on Eldar Addict

New Dark Eldar resin miniature
from a picture taken by's DeusExMachina of a poster at the GW store in Hamburg


  1. thanks for the mention. I am hoping this comes out this week with wracks and grotesques, in Resin? I think resin haemonculi, wracks and grotesques would be great, as long as they aren't too expensive. And a voidraven.

    Thanks for all the news and updates.

  2. I think Harry (from Warseer?) told someone they was wrong when they thought the Haemonculi coven releases were after Christmas. He ultimately said they would come a lot sooner because of something big.

    My opinion is that the big thing was the resin announcement because they are resin.

  3. too bad it'll cost fifty bajillon dollars to buy.....

  4. I just hope this comes out with the razorwing on June 18th. Get another paycheck in between the Talos/Venom/Scourge release.

  5. If its gonna be a new shiny resin thingy, don't expect anything about it till the Finecast line gets its proper reveal on the 23rd May


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