This was probably the most negative week in blogging history, or at least mine. With price increases, changes in the way re-sellers can sell GW products, and attempting to reign in the rumor mill, the week was mostly a bust. The only positive thing I could dig out was some of the Haemonculi coven models that might be on their way soon. Even my game play was crap. Some weeks I am happy are over.

Presence of Faeit is a weekly editorial by myself. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

Citadel Finecast
I have heard all sorts of things, about how durable and easy to manipulate this new resin will be. Some are claiming you simply have to heat it up to bend it, and that it bounces when it hits the floor. Even my old plastic models don't bounce. They are so brittle, they might as well be made of forgeworld resin.

Overall I am happy that Citadel Finecast is here. Big heavy models are a pain in the butt. Just try dropping an old metal talos on your foot, they are heavy. Maybe not that heavy, but snapping flying bases is almost habitual with them.

The new models themselves are what I am most excited for. I now almost expect that we will be seeing Grotesques alongside wracks here very shortly.

No matter what your opinion is on the new models, I am sure everyone will be checking in tomorrow when we get the full scoop.

My Dark Eldar
Its back to working on the flying machines of death. I am back working on my raiders and plan to get a few finished this week. Once I do, plan on seeing a few models posted, since I am down to the final details of my warriors.

As for lists, I plan on posting some of them I have been playing, and the problems with them. I really do not feel like posting up my current lists until I move on past them. One thing though for sure, is I am back using ramming raiders. I like them too much.

Inbox Policy
The inbox policy for anything sent to me, is that I will not post the senders name, unless he/she specifically OK's their online names use. This is more to protect the users name, and it insures that if someone is sending me information they are not supposed to, they know they will not be named. This goes for anything, from lists to rumors.

Price increases and Resellers
This subject is really a drain, and almost anything that has been said probably has. I do feel for those that are in locations such as Australia that are having serious purchase problems. I do have a question though for those readers, What is the reason for such high prices there?

I have not heard it discussed, but does your country have serious taxes on imports? Many countries do. Other than that, can't people in these countries just place their orders online from the GW website? I am assuming not. Is there that big of a price discrepancy? I do feel for anyone in this hobby that has out of control prices in comparison to others. I would however like to see actual price comparisons between the different countries. I will be the first to say, I do not have the relevant information to argue one way or the other.

I know there are many people here in the US that are ticked they now have to pay full price since they cannot order from companies like Wayland Games and personally I dismiss these whiners. For us here locally, the re-seller ban is perfect for store owners trying to compete. Re-sellers until now have had a huge advantage in sales here. The sad part has been, that re-sellers have been able offer discounts, but our local shops were not allowed to.

The End of Days
This will be brief, because technically the world has already ended, and passing judgement on so many people is really exhausting. : ) 

Since the Rapture is only a few months away, I can answer any questions as to whether or not you will be ascending this October.


  1. umm do you really beleive in that rapture stuff, im not trying to start anything im just curiuse if your joking about it or you really beleive the world is ending and people are being raptured. and if it turns out that abloulutly nothing happens in the next months/years well what will you do then or what will you think then?(honesty im really just curiuse)

  2. My humor is very dry sometimes. I do not believe in the rapture. I find these things rather hilarious, including the predictions of the end of the world.

    New Years Eve at midnight, I was the one at the fuse box, cutting off the power at the party. :)

  3. I don't know who you are but Ill be honest, I do believe some people can see the future and the end of all things. But I don't think it will be a religious "god has judged us sort of way" (although no doubt true religion fanatics will implant their own "god will smote thy unbeliever" thing). I believe our destruction will come from ourselves, and that when it does come, it won't be with a band, but with a whimper. We wont explode in a giant, monstrous kaboom. But quietly like a candle flickering and dying (I think the flame is flickering as we speak).

    But that's my belief and ill most likely get everybody sending me messages about how I'm a retard. So if you disagree, send me hate mail, I'm sure Ill delete them!


  4. The pricing for GW online purchases to Australia is just as expensive as buying retail. This is why people used the re-sellers. I'd love to support my FLGS but simply can't afford it. If GW brought the Australian pricing in line with the rest of the world and stopped charging us double then there would no longer be a problem.

  5. hey ok thats for the response i was just curois but i get it now :)

  6. Australia has a 10% GST tax on most goods, and has for a long time. It also has a 5% tarrif on toys, but no tarrif on model kits, so it depends on what GW classifies themselves as.

    Australia also pays around double minimum wage to its workers than the UK and US.

    The main gripe I have is that this has been the case as long as GW has been in Australia, but with the strength of the dollar in the last decade (and especially the last two and a half / three years) we've seen zero benefit for it, with prices getting the same percentage increases as the rest of the world.

    As an example a War Walker costs $50, yet from Forge World I can buy a Wasp that has a complete WW kit, half a WW in resin, and a Wave Serpent weapon sprue... for $38aus.
    Something is seriously wrong, and while I accept that with higher wages, shipping and such things will cost more it's just ridiculous now.

    Even a 15% decrease in prices would be great, and a 20% would restore some normalcy.

    As for ordering from the UK, shipping on a single pot of paint is 18 pounds, and only goes up, so they've thought of that one already. If it's just vehicle kits you can order from Forge World and get reasonable shipping.

    I personally buy from my local GW whenever possible as I like it, the staff are great and they do a lot of community events off their own bat. I'm just not buying as much anymore :(


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