This morning we hear once again about a Tyranid second wave in the mix. Its good, I really think getting out a second wave will help the tyranid line. Here the author of the rumor is also talking briefly about some additional rules, or possibly about a "Summer of Flyers" release.

Remember that these are rumors, please take with salt.

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I have been sitting on some information for a week now about upcoming Tyranid models I've been forgetting to report on.

My contact who allowed me to successfully report Catalyst becoming a psychic power that gave Feel No Pain and the Tervigon's 3D6 spawning ability MONTHS before the release of the Tyranid codex has started talking with me again and has had a few things to report about Tyranid:

First of all, apparently some Tyranid second wave models had to be redone into Finecast so that put an even further delay on anticipated models.

Second, there is currently (well, as of last week) no concrete date set for the models to be released but a general timeframe will be late this summer and early fall.

Third, all the models are done, and many are painted and have had their photos taken for promotional usage, but the release of the models will be staggered among several second waves.

Fourth, the Harpy model has been done for a long LONG time, but apparently there is something that has been holding it back from being released (educated guess is that whole summer of fliers thing that might still happen).

Fifth, the Harpy's rules are looking at getting amended along with several other large flying non-vehicle models ala White Dwarf (who my contact is also affiliated with) some time in the future. These might just be optional rules or a preview of what's to come with 6th, but you never know; they could make White Dwarf useful again. That would be a good way to get people like me to resubscribe.

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