So Not only do we get wonderful pics of our early June release. Here is something for us that will be released probably later in the month. Check em out. I am pretty sure they are Razorwing Jetfighters. So more coming in June for Dark Eldar. And yes we Dark Eldar players have the best model range in 40k 


  1. "And yes we Dark Eldar players have the best model range in 40k" true, each model is a masterpiece :)

  2. HOLY HELL!!!!!!!!!!

    DO WANT!!!!!!!!!

    Yes we do have the best designed and detailed range in 40k. I've been building up each model regardless of weather I play with it or not :P

  3. Natfka, your legions of spies are definitely worth their salt. Thanks for keeping us up on all the newest rumors and pics.

  4. They look positively massive. Was not expecting that.

    Yes, De has the best range. :)

  5. In my best Mr Burns impression: "EXCELLENT"

    these new models are f-ing sweet

  6. must resist collecting dark eldar!!!

    have eldar, daemons and now space wolves and do not need another army!!

  7. just give in, there is no resisting.

  8. it seems to be easy to convert it to an eldar nightwing :
    replace weapons,
    smooth sharp edges/wings/flaps ,
    adding some eldars details like decals, painting stone spirit

    and that it !!!

    i'll buy 2 , one for a dark eldar and one for a nightwing conversion

  9. Also must resist on starting dark eldar... I already have Tyranids (eagerly waiting for the 2nd wave - if only THEIR new models would be SO nice as the DE ones... Seriously, I thought that the new Cronos / Talos was some sort of genetically modified Tyranid on first sight...) and recently started Eldar (hope their 5th/6th edition codex will have models like these...) and it's hard to justify that my Eldar need their evil twins on the shelves... or do they not?

    But hell these minis are so awesome they are just masterpieces and must be a joy to build and paint even if one does not play them... Hell GW, you ruined my next financial year or so :)

  10. DAMN! I have to get one of these, that plus the new releases, shit they look good.

    I love how they have gone from being the worst, ugliest range of models in the GW lineup to hands down the most attractive models in one swoop!


  11. Saw a GW staff hand out today with a slightly overhead frontal shot of the fighter, it's a great kit, really excited to see how the bomber shapes up now *dribble*

  12. Im looking for it, and have not found a frontal shot. Perhaps sometime tonight it will be out.

  13. yer saw this a few weeks ago its only £25.50


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