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Here is my Deathwatch Army.
The Army contains 200 official chapters before I have repeats.  I am in the process of adding 24 additional chapters to replace duplicates.  At the end of the project the army will contain all 224 official chapters that have identified chapter iconography.

The army is designed to incorporate any Space Marine Chapter Tactics, I built the army with a Chapter Master, Captain, Librarian, Chaplain or Techmarine to represent at least each Chapter Tactics from Forge World or Games Workshop.

Though now with the new Deathwatch board game being released, I will have to look at replacing some of the chapters represented with the new models...maybe.  Regardless, I wanted to show  this off before the wave of Deathwatch armies flood the market.  I will be posting up completed pictures on Dakkadakka soon for anyone interested in seeing close ups.

For references, I pulled from every hard copy source I had available to include the recent Successor Chapters Ink Book that came out with 7th edition Space Marine Codex.  I also cross referenced with Warhammer40k.wikia.com, and wh40k.lexicanum.com for anyone interested.

Next step for the army is to finish up the 24 chapters remaining, go back and customize each infantry model a bit further.

Not shown is a Fellblade and a Knight-Lancer (I am engraving the Deathwatch icon on its shoulder pad).

The army currently contains:
Battle Demi-Company (x2)
Strike Force Command
Reclusiam Command Squad
1st Company Task Force
Librarian Conclave
Skyhammer Annihilation Force


Additional Pics

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