GW has responded to questions regarding the upcoming Battle of Vedros line up coming to toy stores in North America. Its an interesting line up, with push fit models meant for younger audiences as an introduction into tabletop wargaming. Its a great thing in my opinion, and I look forward to it being a success, and in helping create a new generation of tabletop hobbyists.

Here is the latest bits saying that we could be seeing these hit retailers as soon as June. Check it out.

GW Response to Inquiries 
via GingerPowered from the Faeit 212 inbox
Thanks for writing into us. The Battle of Vedros Line is upcoming product that will distributed through toy retailers later this year. It was previewed earlier in 2016 at Toy Fair to start getting attention, as we explore new markets with toy retailers. The plan is to go live later this year in North America; I believe it should start shipping to retailers in June/July, but this could be subject to change. 

Im sorry that we don't have more information at this time, but I hope this helps.

For more information on the Battle of Vedros, with pricing follow the link below

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