The Warhammer 40, 000 Assault Dice App has been released to Andriod users just recently. While we have had that announcement for a while now, Games Workshop just announced it on their Warhammer yesterday. When we posted on it here on Faeit 212, there were several concerns posted by readers along with questions and comments. These have been answered on the site by none other than the developer himself, Tobias Drewry.

So huge thanks Tobias for checking in on us and answering these. Ive done my best to post these up below so that more people have access to them.

Warhammer 40,000 Assault Dice has just been to Andriod, for a cost of $.99.
Here is a link to it, as well as the games features.
Warhammer 40,000 Assault Dice

Here is the link to the article where these were answered.

Tobias Drewry
Update 1.2.20 just hit with an exit function hidden away on the App settings page as well as shake to roll fix which only rolls the selected dice. Go twin linked rolls!

I've come across players in competitive and even semi-competitive settings who don't "allow" these things in place of real dice.

in competition an app would be too easy to skew. I mean, many competitive places force you to use dice-shakers, as to not let sleight of hand affect the randomness.

Tobias Drewry
[Dev] Ironically, the tech we developed for Assault Dice has passed the Vegas dice board and is now being evaluated for use in casinos. One of the core precepts to this app was to not simply offer a "random number" generator but a true physical model for creation of die rolls -- collisions, torque, angular velocity and the works. It's why the app is fairly heavy on the GPU.

Nothing beats the sound and feel of rolling real dice. And when you get a really terrible roll or a really good roll, you feel responsible, that's something you won't get from virtual dice. I would never consider using such a program, I'm sure I'm not the only one either.

Tobias Drewry
I've got a side project going which might work out for those 150 die "reality" rolls. It's basically a computer vision die counter. Of course, I'm sure we'd still get naysayers on that one too.

The roll sounds in the app are actually my great grandmothers bone dice recorded being rolled too/from this cool old leather cup. The sound events are triggered in the app based on the actual physics of the dice. The downside is that there's this occasional "Thunk" sound from when a die bounces off the table. The sound still bugs me but it is physically accurate so we've left it for now.

I bought this app for the scatter dice alone. So much easier to tell what's up than the real thing. It's a bit silly, but I like this app. It's better than a few other dice apps I've tried out.

Tobias Drewry
Thanks Tibbs. There is no time table for this, but we've got a few AR implementations for scatter die visualization happening on the sideline. Right now GW's not really supporting us much beyond the occasional Ad so we're going to be slow to release cool augmented reality features but stay tuned!

it doesn't use GPS, but it does make it pretty dang clear. It's a lot easier to tell if someone is rotating their phone for advantage, rather than just eyeballing that die and 'guessing in their favor' if you get my meaning. The screenshot above shows how it extends the line, so it's quite clear. You can also move the die to the middle of the screen if you like. What would be cool is if it could overlay that over an image from the camera so you could put it right over their head! OMG... How cool would that be? Now I'm sad they didn't do that...

Tobias Drewry
heh. see my previous comment above about AR. the first build actually did this, but GW wasn't funding and the folks that were didn't understand AWESOME when it was presented.

There's a lot more to do to make it handle the angles and what not and for AR to work your camera has to snap. Still, this feature will return!

Q: would you be willing to drop a 1"x1" or 2"x2" cardboard placeholder out on the table next to the scatter drop? A reference point on the table is helpful.

There is currently only one thing really bothering me with this app, I want Faction dice but it seems like all I can have is a standard six, or imperial Aquila. Be nice to have chaos stars or ork skulls etc. Is there a way to customise them??

Tobias Drewry
Yeah, sorry. In-App is incoming. We needed to get the App out on both core platforms first and now I'm working on getting a Windows Phone version too. That being said, more dice are in-coming. Our UI guys are working on UI, while I'm working on the backend to support it. The app was built for factions darn it!!

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