Filling in a large gap in the miniatures world, Raging Heroes has the Toughest Girls in the Galaxy Kickstarter. In case you have missed it, or not been keeping up on it, this project is blowing away all the projections. There are constant updates, new free items being added, and a continuous wave of unlocked items as goals get surpassed.

If you are new to this project here is the main page

Just need to get caught up on the latest freebees?

The Latest for the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy
*Free Upgrades are all now visible and included to prevent confusion in the Troop boxes
*Troop Boxes Added heavy weapons, additional heads, melee weapons and small accessories to all the boxes.
*Regular and Command group boxes have been updated
5 different multi-part troopers equipped with energy rifles, 3 additional alternate heads, 4 additional alternate weapons (1 grenade launcher, 1 flame thrower, 1 shred sword, 1 beam pistol) and several accessories like grenades, satchels, combat knives, pistol in holster.

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