This morning an ugly rumor popped its head up, the rumor of a new race in 2012. While I am not giving this any credence at all, its always a fun rumor to hear that a new race is coming.

I am out sick today, so unless my phone rings that a new codex was seen, I will not be checking mail or the site until tomorrow.

Please take a lethal amount of salt with this rumor if you are going to believe it. OK, we don't want anyone to really die, so maybe just an almost lethal amount.

via Hrw-Amen

I was in a local'(ish.) toy store which stocks GW stuff yesterday and overheard a conversation between one of the staff and a customer. I should point out this is not a regular store I go to as it was not in my home town.

However the customer was trying to decide if to invest in some of the new Necron models, but the store employee was telling him to hold fire until the new year as there would be a new W40K faction.

That got my attention, but not wanting be obviously listening, I tried to pick up some details. Said that they would be called 'Zem-ming-ting' or something that sounded like that, not sure if it is spelt right as nothing I've heard of before and could find nothing under a Google search. Apparently they are a tech-heavy army with hardly any infantry, but lots of small vehicles as well as a few larger ones.

That is about all I got as the customer then said and proceeded to purchase the Necrons anyway.

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