Well, a few years back, one of the best big screen movies came to end as the final extended version of the Lord of the Rings trilogy was released. While I have not been a fan of the tabletop of the games released for it (I generally do not play the latest the fad), I am blown over the top with this trailer for the movie. In fact I started the book again just yesterday.

This trailer is now a couple days old, and if you have not seen it, consider it something to watch that is fun for Christmas Eve. As for trailer of the year, if there was a real award for one, The Hobbit has my vote.

The first movie is set to hit the theatres December 14th 2012, while the second is set for December of 2013.


  1. Good choice of actor for Bilbo.

    In a youth spent playing computer games and Space Hulk, the Hobbit was the first book I ever read. I didn't even read the Lord of the Rings trilogy until I'd watched the first film.

    So I'm eagerly awaiting this movie. More for nostalgia than anything else.

  2. Sir I will see your Hobbit trailer and raise you a Promethius Trailer:


  3. As fudal is correctly pointing out, with all due respect to our Baggins friend, the trailer of the year is most certainly Prometheus. Literaly made my skin crawl.


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