Those Craftworld Eldar are still one of those armies that many people aspire to. This has always been my goal, one day, to be good enough at modeling and painting to someday do Eldar. Todays rumor bits are simply a little vague, but fun to hear, as anything is better than nothing.

Please remember that these are rumors, and to take with the standard amount of salt.

via Ghost21 with further details regarding Guardians:
Guardians will have other options that's all I will add to that

You won't need to take a support platform to make them useful

deliberately vague on certain things because he doesn't know for sure they will make it in the end:

wel thats exactly why, i could have said , lasblasters were listed as an option but then if they came out n didnt have that option... well you can guess

all ill say is that shurikens wont be so bad, they will have other options, and yes i saw guardians listed with lasblasters but it could be changed

id honestly expect new figures for the older figures, ive even heard jain zar will get an epic model

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