Eldar are something I am sure that many people are waiting for any word on, so this little gem appeared. The highlight in my book is the 2 additional aspect warrior types and the plastic vampyre.

Please remember that these rumors are very early still, so please take with a some salt.

via RandomThoughts

Eldar Storm Guardians come in boxes of 8 with a min of 10...

response from ghost21
expect it to change(unit size); 8 to a squad min

via ghost21
plastic vampyre,
dragon riders,
possibly exodite character
and 2 additional aspect warrior types


  1. Interesting rumors there, FW may have set the trend for introducing new Aspects.

  2. Dragon riders, if I'm not mistaken, are exodites. That, and the possible exodite character has engaged my interest. We have Craftworld Eldar, Dark Eldar, Harlequins and FW has Corsairs. It would be good to see exodites, and perhaps read some extra fluff on them.

    Speaking of Harlequins, I couldn't help but notice the solitare mentioned. A cold shiver has just gone up my spine.

    Plastic Vampyre! Plastic Vampyre! I think I've just heard every Eldar player around the world rejoice! Perhaps you shouldn't have mentioned two new aspects, they're all needing oxygen!

  3. Please please please Forgeworld Corsairs and Shadowspectres!

  4. this ghost21 guy is a nutcase :D
    the amount of stuff GW is releasing according to his rumors next year will be a new record :DDD

    highly dought him as a source
    he is just wish full thinking

  5. ....actually he's usually bang on!

  6. Solitaire better be available to DE via White Dwarf or FAQ!

  7. I can only pray Ghost21 is right for even half of the Legion and Eldar and Tau stuff it just sounds amazing =o

  8. YA FUCK MARINES!!! MORE XENOS! (chaos too!)

  9. Exodites as additional units are really nice and allow very nice fluff armies and conversions.
    The Eldar Vampire is a flying warmachine and I can't imagine that it will be a plastic kit to serve as counterpart to the Baneblade or Orc Stompa.

    Personally I would put my money on the Nightwing and/ or Phoenix as plastic kits (think Dark Eldar airplanes) and the Scorpion as warmachine.

  10. 2000 pts of mostly unassembled and unpainted Eldar in my wardrobe say they really expect their new codex and the new brothers or sisters to arrive. And I though 2012 will be easy and I can finish my Nidz and DE :) (I think noone ever should have bigger problems than this one :))

  11. i demand plastic wraithguard!

  12. time should running faster...

  13. Why stress about that which you cannot control? If you expect too much, even what little you do get won't please you. Just enjoy life and let whatever happens happen.

    Goodbye everyone. I'm retiring from Games Workshop. All I know are too busy complaining to actually enjoy the hobby. Strange since the very thing they hate, they spend money on.

    Enjoy your hobby everyone.

  14. Faeit, have you seen the discussion between Aaron Dembski-Bowden and Ghost21? It pretty much shatters what little credibility Ghost had.

  15. Masterslowpoke
    I did read it, but did not come to that conclusion from the arguement. It was nothing more than a drama fest, and really I expected more out of an author from the Black Library, so I did not post it. It was nothing more than a little melodrama.

    You can post a link to it if you really want, but I did not think that the arguement ruined my opinion of either. Aaron Dembski-Bowden is a good author and ghost21's record and rumors are still valid.

  16. What record? The only thing he's predicted that has come to fruition was that the summer box set would be ship related. That's it. Based on how disparate his other rumors are from the truth, I see no reason to suspect that it was anything other than a lucky guess.

  17. The topic here is supposed to be about eldar. Ghost's record is well over 50%, and much higher if you give consideration to alterations to the actual codex from playtesting and editing and other design refinements that are taken while before a codex is released.

    Not to mention that many of his rumors on chaos legions have been validated or confirmed by other rumor sources, including my own.

    In the end though a rumor is a rumor. I would rather hear what is rumored than get nothing but silence with no direction on what is next. Even my personal sources have been rather quiet lately. As with any rumor, salt is always required.

    Perhaps I will do a "rumor source" post, so that this topic can get its day in the light.

    Back to topic please.

  18. Hear, hear, Natfka.

    The things I would do for GW to release Eldar as the first codex for a new edition. So tired of Space Marine always getting most of the spotlight.

    slainte mhath

  19. @Sent One - just convince people to buy more Eldar than Marines and maybr they will be first in 7th.


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