There has been talk of a new mystery vehicle for Space Marines and although the information is mostly non-existent, its time to jump in on the conversation about what could end up being the Firespite Gunship mentioned during the Badab War.

Please note that the pic is back from Rogue Trader days, and is not a pic of the Firespite. It could however be something that GW designers look backwards to, in order to find inspiration.

Please take this with a lot of salt, as this falls much closer to speculation with a few excerpts from a few people.

via BigRed on BOLS
There's word of a new Space Marine vehicle in the works. Here's the latest we've heard.

Apparently this is the big "new kit" to accompany the updated Codex:Space Marines.
-The term "Space Marine Gunship" has been mentioned.
-It's NOT the Stormraven
-It's NOT the Caestus Assault Ram
-Its NOT an "assault themed" vehicle
-There are whispers of that ancient bit of fluff regarding the "missing link transport" Astartes vehicle.

Think about the existing Space Marine vehicle range to see where the obvious holes are if you were in charge of designing a range of fighting vehicles for the Astartes.

Also note that for the first time ever for an Edition changeover, the Space Marine range may be kind of challenging to expand upon in a big way due to its existing size and almost 100% plastic status.

via Ghostwolf
If you have a look in the Badab War books you might find a reference to this new gunship. If I remember rightly, one of the chapters is recorded as making use of both Stormraven and Firespite Gunships.

via StraightSilver
during one of the seminars at UK games day somebody asked the question "why do only Blood Angels and Grey Knights get Storm Ravens?".

The answer was essentially, they are the only 2 chapters that still use them, and other chapters won't get them, but that doesn't mean that other chapters don't have their own variation.

Almost all Codexes since the last IG one have hada model which uses the new oval flying stand.

Space Wolves seem to be the exception, 'Nids will have the harpy at some point which will be on that stand.

This is because those stands are actually quite expensive to initially produce, mainly due to the clear plastic, and so it is more cost effective to release lots of models that use it to recoup some of the money.

Therfore it stands to reason that the new Space Marine Codex will have some form of flyer in it.

It won't be the Thunderhawk though as GW have stated they will no longer be copying FW designs any more.

Having said that in a couple of instances that has just meant a different model (ie IG Manticore).

I suspect due to the massive unpopularity of the Storm Raven kit it will be like a Storm Raven, only better if that makes sense?

It's not impossible they would do a T.Hawk.

It would just have to be different design-wise to the FW one, to give people the option of buying one or the other (they wouldn't want FW to lose sales)

Jes Goodwin did say that they are now able to use 2ups instead of 3ups when designing plastics which makes making really big models that much easier.

However believe it or not the biggest restriction on kits is the box size.

The box size dictates how many sprues will fit in the box, which therefore restricts the size of the model.

Boxes are also surprisingly expensive to produce, and there is also the shelf space they occupy to consider.

I think the last model to get a unique box was the Stompa, which I believe comes on 8 sprues? (I have never built one, it could be 6).

If they could get the T.Hawk on that many sprues and fit in that sized box then I would say it would be likely they would go for it.

Somebody also told me that the FW molds for the T.Hawk were completely knackered and needed redoing, but that there was a problem with the original model.

So it's not impossible, but I just think it's highly unlikely


  1. I would drop a grand right now on plastic thunderhawks.

  2. Possible, but doesn't make as much sense to me as just letting all marine types use the Stormraven. They already have the kit and molds, maybe just repackage it with some ultra icons thrown in and done. Makes production and stocking easier.

    So far that's been the pattern with new marine vehicles - first only one group has them, then they roll it out to everyone later. Space Wolf predator annihilators, Black Templars Crusaders. I would be surprised if they keep the restrictions on the Stormraven and come out with a different kit for regular SM.

  3. I think in the days of the heresy they had Stormbirds, which looks like that flying thing in the image.

  4. The pic you posted is a Stormbird, they're referenced heavily in the Horus Heresy books as they are the original troop carrier of the Unification era Thunder Warriors and Legiones Astartes. Here's a pic of the model .. gives you an idea of the scale.

  5. The link didn't work, here's the url:

  6. The Harpy will never happen. Just like Summer of Flyers did not happen. The Harpy should be reworked and redesigned to be at least semi-useful.
    Make it an HQ choice that makes Gargoyles troops. Would make sense.
    Or give it the ability to transport 20 small gaunts or infantry. Dedicated flying transport. Would make sense.
    Give it 3+ / invu against shooting, and/or T6.So many possibilities there...

    Also, it is neither a flyer nor in the same league as the Storm Raven or even the new DE and Necron flyers sadly... Neither in forepower nor in survivability.
    If 6th ed. is going to be about flyers, Nidz really need something :(

    Apart from the usual Nid whining and wishlisting, I1m looking forward to this new SM vehicle!

  7. Could be Tyranids were not written with 6th edition 'flying' in mind. Just a thought.

    As for the space marine flyer, I think it is about time the Thunderhawk arrived. Guard have Baneblades and varients. Orks have Stompaz. Hawks are the only super heavy the marines have, and it is THE space marine flyer.

    I had hoped the Caestus would be a good alternative. Less huge. Serves it's purpose. But the rumour sez no. What about no assault flyer? That doesn't sound right.

    I end on a positive though: Whirlwinds can easily be modified to anti-aircraft. Bonus, it doesn't require a remolding or new sprue! Great!

  8. "It won't be the Thunderhawk though as GW have stated they will no longer be copying FW designs any more."

    Considering the laest FW Deimos pattern predator, along with the retro rhino & LR, it seems that instead FW is now copying GW designs...

  9. "Massive unpopularity of the Stormraven"????? That's a joke, right?

  10. Re: the picture. Sorry to correct, but it was called a "Thunderbolt" and it was for 1st edition Space Marine. There never was a miniature for it, only a cardboard cut-out (which didn't, in the end, look like the picture.)

    Anyway, that name's already gone and the scale's wrong for a 40k kit but it's an awesome picture and if they do something close it'd be hard to pass up.

  11. The aircraft are present in all the new Codex. the next codex space marines will have one. Here in Italy we speak of "Storm Hawk." present in the stories of 'Horus Heresy. to know what it looks like you do a search on Google images and you will find illustrations and conversions.

  12. The aircraft are present in all the new Codex. the next codex space marines will have one. Here in Italy we speak of "Storm Hawk." present in the stories of 'Horus Heresy. to know what it looks like you do a search on Google images and you will find illustrations and conversions.

  13. Does anyone else want to scream "COBRA!!!" when seeing this picture?

  14. @ Matthew Ochs. That isn't a Stormbird or a Thunderbolt its a GI-joe Toy (as the post above has hinted) called a Dragonhawk. I just wanted to clarify the point for others that will get confused. "Mordian 7th" among others have converted these in the past:


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