A rumor that originates from the Throne of Skulls in Las Vegas has said that the rumor lockdown is due to one thing; The Hobbit.

We have heard before of possible rumor clampdowns because of leaks, and because of legal problems with other modelling companies quickly releasing models to fill in gaps left by Games Workshop. This one takes the rumor clamp down a little further, and in my opinion looks more like an excuse (pointing fingers somewhere else) than anything based on reality. It may have some partial truths to it though, so take a look.

Please remember that this is only a rumored reason for such a tight seal on rumors coming from Games Workshop. Please take with salt.

via N.I.B.
At the Las Vegas Throne of Skulls, staff and regional reps stated the lockdown is due to one thing.

The Hobbit
That was what was stated in a Q&A they had at the end of the tournament. When GW re-upped their license to cover the new movie, they were forced to accept a one week info window. The design studio has had full access to scenes and images from the new movie. MGM does not want any info released early on the movie and required GW to demonstrate they can keep a fairly tight lid on info and images coming out of the studio. No one at GW likes it, but given how much money LotR made for them, they decided it was worth it. Any money loss due to reduced subscriptions or sales would be more than made up for with the Hobbit license.

Expect this format to stay around for at least two more years. Once the second Hobbit movie comes out, hopefully this silliness will end.


  1. yay....(I wish I could have made that an even smaller font somehow)

  2. Sounds plausible and has the ring of the Games Workshop money-making department to it.

  3. I would say it's made them money. There are people are just die hard LotR fans and not much else so the thought of collecting and painting miniatures wouldn't have entered their thought before.

    I see the LotR Minis as a gateway drug to the other products that GW has that can breathe new life in to epic fantasy/sci fi worlds.

  4. I read the book! I know how it starts, I know what happens, and I know how it ends.


    Guess MGM will just have to cancel the movie now. Millions/billions wasted. Those incapable of picking up a book shaking their heads and crying.

    For those not aquainted with my humour, I'm being sarcastic.

  5. Thorson, I am incapable of recalling how many times I have read The Hobbit. I am certain the number is in the double digits. I am ecstatic about the release of this movie.

  6. Was only pointing out how silly it is that Games Workshop can't give out news on Games Workshop ranges to prove to a film company they can keep secrets about the Hobbit range and not ruin the Hobbit movie.

    Those of us who have read the book, myself that is 3 or 4 times, already know everything. Hence my joke about Tolkien ruining the movie.

    Which he hasn't. Enjoyed the LOTR films, but the books were better. Think the same will be true here.

    Mr Loopy, the Hobbit was the first book I ever read and remains the best. Even the 40K books I've read, as well written and enjoyable as they were, have never given me as much joy as the Hobbit. Not even LOTR can beat it.


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