Vampire Counts are the next army book to be released January 14th, and Wow do they look amazing. Games Workshop once again releases another set of high quality miniatures.

Here is a summary of what is to be, along with pics.

via Harry
A summary of the rumours we had:
- VC are next army book to be released in January,

- New unit flesh golems? - something like a mix of large ghoul and zombie ... with something no monsterous infantry has had before ...wings! Dual kit Monsterous infantry ... Ogre size undead monstrocities (can't be more specific) and monsterous flyers.

- New plastic black coach mini ... Dual kit makes two 'war machines' ... big ethereal warmachines ... neither is a Black coach. One is acalled a Coven Throne the other is a Mortis Engine. Coven Throne ... 'Lamian passion wagon' ... Mortis Engine ... 'ethereal alter type thing with added ghosts'. (It runs on undeaded. )

- Current Black coach stays and goes finecast.

- Dual cavalry kit wraith riders? and something else ... Black knights and something else?

- New krell,

- New female vampires (Riders on Coven throne and Isabella von Carstein).

- Hints of army book cover ... Dark red of Vampire/Bluegreen tint of etherealness in background.

My understanding is the book has five new units + Lords/Heroes.
That is alot of exciting new options/builds.
Includes four different 'chariot/warmachine' options.

What we know now:
Army Book written by Phil Kelly
Release in January. On sale from the 14th January (advanced orders for the 7th January)

Release includes:
New army book (96 pages)
Magic cards

New minis will be:
Plastic Kits:
Coven Throne/Mortis engine (Dual kit)
Black Knights/Hex Wraiths (Dual kit)
Vargheists/Crypt Horrors (Dual kit)

Plastic characters
Wight King

Finecast Characters:
Isabella von Carstein

Prices will be:
£36 for the Coven Throne/Mortis Engine,
£18.50 for five Black Knights/Hex Wraiths
£3.25 for the magic cards
£25 for the army book
£25-27? (37 Euros) for the big ghouls/ flying things.
£8 for Wight King
£10.50 (15 Euros) for Krell in Finecast
£9? (12.5 Euros) for Isabella von Carstein

lbecks did the maths for US prices it looks like it will be:
Engine/Throne $57.75
Cavalry $29.00
Big Ghouls/Mini Vargs ~$45?
Wight King $13.25
Krell $18.25
Isabella $15


  1. looks like some night lords conversion heaven

  2. The Throne looks horrible. Plus now the Counts will be loosing the unique magic phase :(

  3. That throne things are really awesome! GW once again did a fine job with these new quality miniatures! Wants me to paint one just because it looks so great!
    (Transporting those Thrones would be a nightmare I guess :))

  4. Either the throne/mortis engine is defying the laws of gravity, or the sculptors spent weeks designing it carefully so that it gives that impression. Looks amazing either way.
    @Dobi: Of course, unless you you buy the monster transport case for £60 off Games Workshop (expect that to return around this time - seems like a perfect opportunity!).

  5. Think I've finally found what my Daemon Prince will be converted from. And less than 30 quid too.

  6. @Poxi:do you buy the vargheist' s kit for the daemon prince??

  7. @Poxy
    You pinched my idea! Or are you telepathically broadcasting your thoughts? Seems the sight of those Vargheists made me think 'daemon prince conversion' for when my Deathwatch librarian has a bad day.

  8. Are there any pics on the back of the white dwarf about the tau?

  9. No Tau. We are probably looking at March for the next 40k release.

  10. it upsets me that someone is willing to ruin many peoples hard work just because they cant wait till January, they remove the magic and mystery out of models :( stop ruin peoples work

  11. blackroseemma. Are you suggesting rumors stop altogether? That once we recieve white dwarf magazines that we not look at them and share?

    If that is the case, simply do not look at rumors. Rumors and sharing information in no way ruin anyones hard work. They inspire, and get people excited about what is coming, in many cases so they can hold onto their money knowing what is coming out.

  12. like gw works hard at anthing. blackroseemma you are a fool


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