A few days back a greek newspaper article published a rather unflattering article. According to the journalist that wrote the piece, in this hobby we are all Nazi's, Racist, and complete idiots, at least that is what you get from this article.

I spent quite a bit of time with this for the last few days, and have been to the papers website. They do have an english version of the site. From there you can contact the editor directly.

Here is the full article on Faeit 212 if you missed it from Tuesdays posts.

One thing I found funny, is that they did not publish the article on their english site, probably due to them not wanting the criticism and backlash of english readers. Also there were issues sending sending in emails to the editor right from the start. I am hoping it was due to far too many emails, but it is hard to really say how many of us bloggers really took up the issue and sent in emails.

I have recieved a lot of emails on this, especially from hobbyist in Greece, and I think this is a subject that should not be forgotten so easily. Please if  have not done so, email the editor a quick response, or post up a quick article about what happened if you have a blog. Here are the links and the GW response.

A response from Games Workshop
"Hi Lefteris
Thanks for the email, we have passed this on to our Legal department.
Thanks for bring this to our attention."

From Relic via Winston
A partner of GW is bringing attention to this. The guys over at Relic (http://www.facebook.com/SpaceMarine)are featuring this railroad job.

blog by the Antipope (featured on the front of the article)

My post on the subject with an english translation and comments

Link to the newspaper (look for the english button) There is a Contact the Editor form

Emails to reach the editor/newpaper


  1. lolz :D
    so much drama
    the whole "god Emperor" fluff is based on 3ed Reich... and most players are wierdos!
    i don´t understand why people flipp out about this... people should be greatfull that they and GW get FREE promotion

  2. I agree that this is an insane article. How the reporter came across her opinion is either that she is an idiot (more likely), or that the gamers there are so insane that she was led to believe this (less likely). It's possible though that she came across one nut job gamer and based all her "facts" off of him. Who knows. This article is completely ignorant, regardless.

  3. Damn- there is also the possibility that the gamers fed a load of crap and the reporter just ran with it?

  4. Thank you for your continuous support mate. I will have more news (the legal kind) on Monday. I think publishing your mug shot withought your consent is actually a crime.

  5. The god emperor is based on the holy roman empire, not the 3rd reich.
    I say this not simply to be a dick, but to emphasize a point. The fluff doesn't all come from racism and naziism. The fluff comes only from real human history, maybe the bad parts, but it doesn't pick and choose strictly intolerant aspects of history. The Imperium of man includes the holy roman empire, as well as the KGB and the crusades, all different, all terrible, but all undeniable in human history.
    How can a person pinpoint all gamers as having a shared belief if the game itself doesn't even have one.

  6. @ above
    yeah caus romans greatet super humans elite warriors :D
    no its based on 3rd Reich, super human arrians and SS super elite army (aka SM)... there are no chinese or black SMs IG or anything in 40k :P
    ofc you have afro refrences like orks(wild mobs) look at the old artwork in RT
    and Eldar as the chinese
    all enemys to mankind?
    and what about Death corps of Krieg (german for war)???

  7. Salamanders are black.

    White scars are mongolian
    imperium is based on the roman empire
    and sm can be based off any thing from SEALSto kgb to anyother elite arm of the government

  8. In addition, the Death Korps of Krieg is very obviously based upon World War I Germans, not World War II.

    As is obvious to anyone with half a brain who passed junior high history.

  9. Last anon, there are plenty of dark skinned regiments in the stories of 40k. Several regiments mentioned in the books are mentioned as being dark skinned.

    The only difference is all of humanity is united, and all skin colors are just considered to be normal and human. Race is a non-issue unless you are discussing Xenos species.

  10. Warhammer 40k as well as warhammer fantasy, both pull form the darkest corners of our history. There are elements of both the 3rd Reich as well as the Holy Roman Empire. Although, i would have to say that the humans in 40k are closer to the way the church worked. But there are elements evil in every corner of the game, and that's whats makes the fluff interesting. Tau, for instance are very close to the way that the USSR and communist china were.

    Also ww2 Germany was not looking for "super soldiers ", that was something made up by comics and movies to make them look more evil. They were however looking to "purify" the gene pool of those they deemed unworthy.

    Those that do not study history are doomed to repeat it.

  11. I don't see it based on anything more than Western European concepts of a dystopian future. It is pure fiction with no basis in history other than a few disconnected ideas that shaped creative thoughts of a few British nerds having fun with make-believe armies. To give it any more credence than an excuse to get together with friends and show off your painting is to fall into the same prejudices that the Greek writer proclaims. Is it the holy roman empire? Is it the church of england? Is it the ultimate fascist regime? Naw; it's giant men with giant armor shooting giant weapons at giant bugs.

  12. Although I disagree with the article, I also disagree with some of these comments. There are some very clear lines of comparison between some factions in the game and world history. Also, the imperium is a horrible, horrible regime to live under. Admitting that isn't going to make you a racist or a fascist or whatever. Part of life is realizing that even our heroes aren't perfect, even in some stories meant for children. Another point to make is that evil is subjective. Since I grew up in a primarily post-cold war era, I see the Tau as pretty much the only even remotely "good" faction in the entire game.

  13. Who sad women don't play 40k? My girlfriend plays and also my friend's wife. And they paint too! :D
    That journalist was there to write an article to sell the magazine, not to know a different and interesting world like warhammer.

  14. As many have said much of the "fluff" of 40k is cribbed from much of history. However I would say there is very little if anything pulled from Nazi Germany. The notion of "supermen" is as old as time itself with examples such as (ironically Greek) myths about Heracles and Achilles. The postmodern philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (who was not a Nazi or a fascist as he died in 1900) wrote about he "Übermensch" however he doesn't say anything about them being stronger and faster, it is a philosophical and moral superiority.

  15. I imagine if people at work knew I was into this hobby, then the sun (or another comparable paper to this - Daily mail? Telegraph?) printed this article things would be awkward for me.

    Luckily GW is the white elephant in the uk - people know it exists, but no one really talks about it

    simonster @ simonfisherrofl.blogspot.com

  16. Is easy to call anything "Nazi" this days....If you have half a brain. There's parallels between the 3rd Rich and other horrible stuff humanity as done, yes. But to paraphrase the article: " The Black Templars have an Iron Cross and are obviously Nazi". How about she looks at the incredibly evident clue given by the name and don't skip that logical step that allows you to conclude that the black templars are OBVIOUSLY TEMPLARS!

    If anything I'm extremely surprised the article doesn't point out the prominent religious zealotry, which is far more prominent on the GRIM, DARK FUTURE ( where there's only war, btw...)

    The article had some valid points, but in the end she wanted to see what she wanted to see.

  17. The article was an obvious bash against our game by someone without knowledge on the subject. It's like the people who say video games are bad because some does something horrible and had played a video game.

    its like saying anyone who work in a bar is an alcoholic.

    however on the lighter side due to the strings of comment I have to quote my favorite quote: "DEATH TO ALL FANATICS!!!!!!"

  18. Will people who are not aware of historical facts please not post what ever they learned from a combination of school and cracked. You just end up sounding stupid to those of us who seriously study history.(PHD on Fascist ideology, more exactly Giovanni Gentile's influence) The best way to describe what influenced the original writers of 40K is to examine the cultural context of Britain during the time in which R. Trader was written. The argument that players are Nazi's is similar to that which appeared on a forum I am a part of. To say that a 40k player is a Nazi is to say that anyone who enjoyed the novel 1984 believes in a totalitarian state

  19. Old man was riding a donkey, led by a young boy. Passer-by said: "That poor boy, having to walk while the old man just sits on the donkey."

    So they switch. Young boy rides the donkey while the old man leads it. Passer-by said: "That poor old man, having to walk while that boy rides the donkey."

    So they both ride the donkey. Passer-by said: "That poor donkey, having to carry the weight of both of them."

    So the old man and boy both walked while leading the donkey. Passer-by said: "That poor old man, why doesn't he ride the donkey?"

    The moral of the story is you can't please everyone. No matter what you do, someone will say you're wrong. I once tried to please everyone and ended up hating myself.

    "This above all to thine own self be true." Shakespear. Hamlet I believe.

  20. Like the above quote.
    In the end this story reminds of the horror stories that circlulated in 80's in America about Role Play Games, and how everyone that played them was into Black Magic and Devil Worship. Given time the Greeks will grow up just like the Americans managed.

  21. What a maroon! Hey, lady, OF COURSE it's all about extremes. Seriously, who watches movies about the boring day-to-day grind of a variance analyst at an accounting firm? Because we live that life every day, it's not entertainment, not an escape. When you go out to eat, do you go for macaroni & cheese, or is it for a little something that you can't get at home? When you go on vacation, do you couch surf?, or do you go out and try to experience something that you can't experience at home? When you read a book, is about how to tie your shoes and toast bread, or is it some kind of escapist fantasy (whether high fantasy, romance, etc)? Gee, what a concept.

  22. Reposted your orginal article and I've added my emailed responce as well, also putting it below for folks to read

    Dear Sir,

    I'm taking a moment out of my busy working schedule to write to you about your article about Warhammer 40,000. This is the first opportunity I've had since I saw the ... offending article as I've been working shifts in my job as a Support Worker helping the Mentally Handicapped, which if your story was to be believed I wouldn't be doing, as we all know wheat the Nazi's did to anyone that was considered to be sub human.

    I'd just like to say that this article is so very wrong about the people that play the game and it seems like your magazine has chosen to go with the sensationalist approach because of the current situation in your country rather than look at it again from a balanced point of view.

    From person experience most of the grounding history for Warhammer 40,000 is actually from the British Sci-fi comic 2,000AD and in the early days of the company Games Workshop did some one box games for 2,000AD. There are many other elements that have over time been folded into the fabric of the game, but the statements that everyone that plays is into the Right Wing Extremist Movement is as wrong as the American stories from the 1980's saying that all Role Play Gamers where into Devil Worship and Black Magic. Check your facts in future please as I found the item offencive

    Paul Harris


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