This small rumor is huge and is quite a shocker for me. I started playing in 3rd edition, so hearing rumors that take people back to 2nd or before catch me offguard. Especially when it has to do with the FOC.

This is a rumor, please take with salt.

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[...] in the new edition everything is based on percentages not force organization, Just a bone I am throwing based on what my source says.

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Can confirm the percentage thing


  1. Cool picture!

    I would be 67% pleased if that rumour proved true.

  2. I'd like it, link up Fantasy and 40k a little more. I like more troops in my army anyways, so it wouldn't really affect me in the slightest. Help prevent things like crazy Deathstar units too, but those can be fun sometimes, too.

  3. Could anyone explain what this means? I didn't play 2nd/3rd/4th ed. :(

  4. picture cool as always.

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  6. Not a hard guess to make considering thats how they did 8th ed fantasy

  7. @ Dobi; In 2nd ed, your army had to consist of at least 25% 'squads' and could have up to 50% 'support' and up to 50% 'characters' (all measured in points value if I recall).

    As of 3rd edition, this was replaced with the Force Organisation Chart that we now have.

    Doesn't translate too well into what we know now with the HQ/Elites/Troops/FA/Heavy mix, but you get the idea :)

    -Dusty Fox-

  8. I hope they do, I'm loving the percentage set up in fantasy and bringing it to 40k will make the game much more challenging. Making all those very common "super killy character" lists or "cheesey spam" lists all the more impossible to field, it'll force people to take the basic things such as captains, libbies, lords, archons etc.

    Come on GW please deliver on this!

  9. And how would that translate to codexes with crap troops?
    Unless fire warriors are godly in the next codex, I certainly don't want to be forced to spend X% on them...
    Until the codexes are equally balanced in each force-org-slot/'type' (which wont happen, because the point of having different forces/races/whatevers is that they work differently), then this will simply screw some over others
    -"No, you may not have more than 1 monolith in 1500pts; yes, I am allowed to take 3 predators".

  10. more chees if true :)

    take more of those cheap but rar due to slot limitations units

    bad for landraider golore :(

  11. Nivel.. o started playing in 2nd Ed. and never liked wat happened after.

  12. @Dusty Fox: thanks for the info!

    That would seem really interesting as it would force people to buy even more models to do spam lists... Hive Guard Spam... Psyfledread spam...

    I wonder how are they going to do it, make an amendment for every codex that troops are squads, HQs are Characters, Elite/FA/Heavy are support and that's all. COULD work for Tyranids with overpopulated Elite slots, maybe... And would make some brand new army compositions possible since 3x Elite / 3x Heavy are really bi limits sometimes... We shall see. It really would be a fundamental change.

  13. Warhammer 40k is now age of spam, and 6th ed will be the maximun spam.


  14. You're limited on the amount of the same unit in Fantasy - 3x same special, 2x same rare. I assume they will do the same thing with 40k to limit spam. Maybe 3x same Fast, 3x same Heavy and 2x same Elites?

  15. As an Ork player, I would absolutely love to have no limit on the number of Troops choices I can take. That would be awesome.

  16. I agree that there needs to be some game mechanic (no idea what it would look like) to encourage people to bring more "basic" stuff. The troops, the poor bloody infantry. And not like "bring at least 2 squads of troops!" there needs to be something to make you WANT to bring troops, instead of spamming whatever the best unit in your particular codex happens to be. Bloodcrushers, aspect warriors, TH/SS termies, purgation squads, I AM TALKING TO YOU.

  17. @SnaleKing I play Dark Angels, TH/SS termies ARE my troops :D

  18. Indigo Jack know what's up Full TH SS armies it will be still.

    However for Nids that means you can have FULL Genestealers/ Tervigons (can be troops)/ Termagant lists.

    6 10 man Stealer (or 20) and then tervigons and Termagant.

    Assault destruction and 4-5 tervigons dropping FnP and Spawning more gants.


    @SnaleKing - Dire Avengers in the Eldar are Troop... but they are Aspect warriors.

    Eldar have few units that are not Vehicles and that are not Aspect warriors.

    Non Aspect warriors are: Guardians, Guardian Jetbikes, Rangers, Harleyquins, wraithguard, wraithlord. (Of these only Guardians /jetbikes, and Rangers are troops.)

    Would be a rare day to see someone fielding nothing but Guardians, and Rangers over Dire Avengers.

    Eldar Saim Hann is already fielded by people having all jetbikes so that wouldn't be new.

  19. I honestly don't understand the aggression towards "spam". I think these lists are fun to play and to play against. It may be optimized in some cases, but it's also highly predictable so, in my experience, it's usually a wash.


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