We are in the Christmas season with the new year right around the corner now. There is a lot going on everywhere, and getting games in has been pushed down on my list of things I can get in. With that being said I have been doing a little modelling in the Imperial Guard arena. Rumors are also a little scarce this time of the year, but a few snippets are coming in. However all the talk seems to be sitting around rumor sources, so today I will discuss that a little, with a full post sometime early in the week.

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

Rumor Sources (my frustration)
The one thing I have found with our rumor sources, is that they are getting smaller and smaller. There are so much fewer of them, and the forum communities are to blame. Apparently the melo drama and self interest of forum readers takes precedence over that fact that people giving rumors are often times just having fun with rumors. They hear something, or are privy to early information and enjoy spreading them with the rest of us. I get real frustrated with the sheer number of drama queens out there looking to try and pound someone in the ground for really no reason than melodrama. They are worse than crack whores. (I had deleted many more profane comparisons)

As Games Workshop seeks to control our rumor sources and reduce them to almost none, the forum queens are seeking to destroy and drag through the streets the few remaining we have. It sickens me that these people seem to have an interest in rumors, and yet are working hard get rid of the few sources we have left. Many are just not willing to give out any information anymore.

2 Million Page views
Back to the positive side of things. This site yesterday went over 2 million pageviews. It was only a few months back that the site passed 1 million. Thanks to all those that come to this site, leave comments (even if you disagree with me), and check back. The site has been a very positive experience with a very astute readership. I have been impressed with the comments people leave and I do read all of them.

I not only appreciate disagreements, I enjoy them when handled with the class we have seen on this site. Keep them coming, as it does make me sit down and re-analyze what it is that I am doing.

So thanks to the readers that come here, 2 million pageviews and growing. General stats here. One writer, 7-12k pageviews a day, hitting 17k one day a month or so ago. Its somewhere in the range 250k views a month.

Armoured Sentinels (wip)
These bad boys have been sitting on my shelf since I got them back in 3rd edition. I decided to try and wrap them up, and get them painted before the new year. I am even working them into my list, even though I do not think they are very efficient point wise. I did move the gun up higher on the sentinal (I just like the look), and put in a piece down below it with the sole purpose of drawing line of sight from. So it was not raised to gain an advantage in los. I also like the look of the hunter killer sitting opposite  the gun, as it gives a more mech appearance.

I have 4, but am only really concerned with finishing 3 for now.


  1. I've ceased visiting any other rumour sites because of the drama queens. Seems most people just want to have a good arguement, deride fellow hobbyists and generally complain about trivialities.

    Very immature. I suspect they're all aged between 5 and 10.

    Anyway, I think we've had a good feast of rumours on Legions, Tau, Eldar, Templars and even a hint at Orks to keep our brains satisfied for the next couple of weeks. So if rumours are scarce it won't matter much.

    Of course, if there are more rumours I'll be looking here for them.

  2. very well said my friends. i don't look anywhere else on the internet for news because being a gw employee it is easy to get distracted by all the hating and non-constructive comments. thanks for giving us a truly unique and refreshing site. my thanks too go to mr ghost21 for all his news, 100% true or not i enjoy his efforts and glimpses.

    keep up all the good work!!

  3. Hey Faeit,
    First off, your site is my #1 spot for any rumors or info on upcoming GW stuff. I was just thinking about how stupid the drama coming off the recent rumors was lately, and I'm glad I'm not the only one.
    Secondly, I loves me some Armoured Sentinels! Interesting use of the IG Dozer Blade piece in place of the usual weapons mount, I dig it. Wheres your Plasma Cannons?! :)

    Smells Like Wargaming

  4. Granesh, Plasma cannons are just something I do not have sitting around. I might have enough if I really search my bits, but I love autocannons too.

  5. Yeah! 2 million views! Way to go, Natfka!
    Agreed with all of the above in that I only visit this site for rumours. Logically laid out, easy to see new rumours, and a hell of a lot more reliable.
    Sentinels look awesome, as do most of your models (you seem to at least find time to actually paint them well, unlike most people I know).
    Keep up the good work!

  6. Congratulations on your second million views!

  7. 100% agree with everything posted so far. For several months now I've only come to this site for my daily dose of 40k. On a whim last week, I surfed a few other sites looking for rumors and just had to shake my head at the amount of hate out there. Not just at the rumor sources but at the writers and GW also.
    I don't care if none of the rumors are true(they are rumors after all) just have fun thinking of the possibilities.
    Thanks again Natfka, keep up the good work!

  8. Faeit is definitely my first go-to site now. I'm so put off by the drama, superior mod attitude and naive posters on practically every other site.

    When it comes to rumours, really, I could almost care less at this point. So many are so inaccurate as to be less than worthless.

    The good sites are focussing more on content like modeling articles, tactics articles (not to be confused with net list of the day) and insights about the game.

    It's astounding how quick the 40K web community is to criticize White Dwarf for it's lack of content but then has nothing other than rumour mill material to support their own traffic.

    Nice work on the Sentinels! I've always loved the look of them, especially the Armageddon Pattern ones, despite their questionable game performance (not bad, but not terrific by any means).

    I really like the weapon positioning and the Hunter-Killer pods nicely balance the silhouette.

    Keep up the good work!

  9. Ive been coming here daily since dark eldar were in the throes of re-release. Love your content, love everything else too. Keep it awesome Natfka!

  10. i honestly like that there is only 1 author, i know that when i come here i am going to get the guy(naftka) i like and want. congratulations on 2 million page views.

  11. I've stumbled in here recently, and it's quickly become my 'Go To' site. I'm just starting Dark Eldar (so many cool armies, so little time...) and loved the tactics article recently. I studied it. A lot.

    I noticed a few of you are looking for sites with more content, and I'd like to plug miniwargaming.com. There is tons of new content every day, especially if videos are what you are looking for (hope you don't mind the plug, Natfka)

  12. I mostly come here for any news and information its all the cool stuff and non of the depressive junk you find in forums so thank you keep up the good work!

  13. your blog is da BEST!

  14. This was the first 40k gaming site I found back in May. Reading about Natfka's Dark Eldar sparked me to copy him. Then was told about the other sites BOLS, 3++ & YTTH. Checked them out and found some of it to be mental/social masturbation.

    In the past I have wished Natfka's blogs possessed more body. I deeply appreciate the brusqueness of the posts. Something I identify with personally.

    I'm sure you're tired of hearing this, Natfka. Thank you for all your advice/help/assistance on Dark Eldar. My games tighter because of you.

  15. I check your website at least twice a day. I love it!
    It has quality info and smart analysis.

    Thank you so much for all the good work.

  16. Natfka i love you and this site. ever since i found this site while searching for grey knight rumours i have been hooked one this ever since. i almost every day go on this site, to check for what evers news. yours is the only one i go to cos u are fair, relyable and a damn good soucres of information which i want to say thank you very very much for, keep up the good work my friend.

    with regards from Justin


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