There are a few misc thing floating around about a new allied race for the Tau. The rumors state that these units will not be available right away, which means we will see some converting going on upon release if the rumor holds true. The second little snippet is a rumor with some concept pics displaying a Vespid Heavy (or something close to).

These are rumors, so please take with a grain of salt.

We have another snippet from Ghost about the other new alien race who don't look like they'll be appearing at release; Not Zoats (despite them coming back to WFB in Storm of Magic) but they may be 6-limbed.

via Ghost21
one of those is close to the vespid heavy


  1. i dont like an idea of insects with las weapons...

  2. This stuff is old concept stuff from the time of the last book. You can even see the 2005 dates on some of the pics.

    Here's some more:

    While it's possible they'll go back to older rejected designs in the next book, I wouldn't count on it. More likely those sketches were rejected ideas for how the Vespid would look before they decided on the bipedal winged version.

    I am getting less and less impressed with ghost's "info" as time goes on.

    Hey, here's a sneak pic of the Chaos Dread remake!

    (joking of course)

  3. "I am Heavy Weapons Bug...and THIS is my weapon..."

  4. I agree with Sons of Taurus, that sketch was part of the development of vespids, not a new race. I do expect however, Demiurg as the new race and the only new race.

  5. The two rumors are seperate.

    1.A new race that will not be making the first wave

    2.a vespid heavy support choice that will look something like one of the pics. They are old pics, they are just referenced as what the vespid heavy support choice might look like.

  6. I'm telling you guys, Codex: Vespid. It's just too hilarious to not pretend to believe.

  7. Umm. Shouldn't such creatures exist in... say, Codex: Tyranids? You say Tau and those who know what they are say "Oh, those giant Anime-robots in 40k, yes!" Not something like "Oh, those blue fish dudes that have robots, tanks, ansectoid aliens, little dwarves swinging big axes, flying blue insects with guns", etc.

    Seriously, Tau slowly become like Tyranids. They assimilate any race into their ranks :) They just let them live and do not eat them :)

  8. @ Dobi: I totally agree. The more allies Tau have, the more they lose the feel of the army as a whole. It's like someone said "Tau suck at CC!" and they made kroot. "Tau are slow!" vespid. "No durable troops!" Demiurg.


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