This is nothing short of an amazing piece of artwork by Jon Sullivan. It is for the cover of an upcoming book, "Wrath of Iron". Make sure you check out the full scale of this artwork below.

via the Black Library
Wrath of Iron is being written by Chris Wraight, author of the Battle of the Fang, so it’s a fair bet that the content of the novel will be every bit as awesome and action-packed as the cover. This novel will be released in July next year

If this does not size for you, here is a link to it.


  1. Must be for the Purging of Contqual. Very cool art!

  2. Here's hoping the book gets the Iron Hands some much-needed publicity. Despite being around since Rogue Trader I don't think I've really seen them stand out from the crowd, which is a shame because with the heavy emphasis on tech and probable ties to Mars means they probably diverge strongly from the Codex Chapters and really deserve thier own codex.

    A vain hope I know, but I've always felt the Iron Hands need more love. Maybe we'll get lucky and Forge World will come up with something.

  3. Holy $#@% bricks. That termie is hugeeeee. Is that their primarch in there? Did Fulgrim fail to kill him? :P

  4. Amazing artwork! I suddenly appreciate the awesomeness of the Iron Hands.

  5. @Anonymous 12:40

    Fulgrim was possessed by the daemon in his sword so technically speaking Fulgrim didn't kill Farros Manus. The daemon controlling Fulgrims body did! Chopped his head off and presented it to Horus as a trophy.

    Sorry mate, the Iron Hands primarch is dead. Decapitated.


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