Here is one of our xenos races we have not really heard anything about for some time. While this rumor is a little vague and places a new codex for early 2013, Ghost picks it up with a little more detail about where Orks sitting currently.

Please remember that these are rumors. The first bit is a bit vague and could very well be just speculation, but with Ghost picking it up the rumor feels more complete. Take with salt.

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Orks early 2013
According to tentative plans at GW. Not much is firm right now but they do want to see a plastic buggy and scorcha, along with a new unit entry for fighta-bomba, new model for Nazdreg. There is debate over whether to make Klans important for the first time since 2nd edition/3rd edition temp. rule list.

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there will be a wave but its really still in talk/ preliminary design atm

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