Here is one of our xenos races we have not really heard anything about for some time. While this rumor is a little vague and places a new codex for early 2013, Ghost picks it up with a little more detail about where Orks sitting currently.

Please remember that these are rumors. The first bit is a bit vague and could very well be just speculation, but with Ghost picking it up the rumor feels more complete. Take with salt.

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Orks early 2013
According to tentative plans at GW. Not much is firm right now but they do want to see a plastic buggy and scorcha, along with a new unit entry for fighta-bomba, new model for Nazdreg. There is debate over whether to make Klans important for the first time since 2nd edition/3rd edition temp. rule list.

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there will be a wave but its really still in talk/ preliminary design atm


  1. This is one codex I think the players don't want changed. I can think of 4 top tier lists that they can make off the top of my head. Two friends of mine in my player circle use them and they are no push over. Nothing in the game beats a 6pt ork. It's always nice to get new models though :)

  2. 2013 Orks?

    Rumoured sooner than I expected.

    Great little rumour. Honestly, I didn't expect to hear anything of Orks until this time next year or early 2013.

    Thank you Mr Natfka!

  3. Too bad the world will end before we get this!

  4. When they do update it, hopefully it will mostly be tweaks instead of a total revamp. There are a few things that need adjusting but overall it's a great book.

  5. y did you post the ghost21 comment? he is just saying what the other guy said with other words -.- and its not really a confirmation either

  6. Remember the last ork codex? In the white dwarves of the time you could easily spot nice new shiny ork buggies. This was round about the time GW claimed that if it was ready for release then it'll be released. Lies Lies Lies. They've been sat on those buggies for ages. Selfish buggers.

  7. Orks before SMurf rumours? What hellish future is this? Oh wait that's right...

  8. @Anonymous 9:46 AM

    You likely mean the Rupert Girlymans guide to being a space marine codex, but we have space marines before orks rumours in the form of Black Templars. Does that count?

    Frankly, Black Templars are 'true' space marines since they operate the way the Emperor originally intended (except for the worship thing).

    Back on topic, it'll be great to see Nazdreg again. But what about Wazzdakka?
    Like the idea of a Fighta-bomba, and a new buggy/skorcha. But what about the Deffkoptaz?
    Add plastic meganobz to the wishlist too.

  9. I would like to see plastic flash gits


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