Of course Tau have been where most of the rumor bits are found. I have grabbed a small collection of these rumors and placed them here for people to read on.

Please take these with salt. Regarding the January White Dwarf near the end of this posts, please add a lot of salt to this one, as I have spent some time looking for any real source of this rumor, and not found it. It was worth mentioning here because if it does happen the excitement for the Tau would off the charts.

via ghost21 ( a little question and answer first)
A local guy who claims close ties with his GW rep says that he was told that Stealth teams were moving to fast attack. Any truth to that or was he blowing smoke?

there are some force org changes but im not sure if thats one

So, from the sounds of this, it's now possible to have a "Tau Empire" army that doesn't actually include any Tau?
Demiurg for HQ, Kroot for Troops, Vespid in Fast Attack, etc.

as far as im aware yes, however , if you theme a force you get a troops and one other choice, not really much, however ill not be using any tau, just aliens

ghost, if you've seen the new suit sprue, I was just wondering what direction they are taking. Is it a 2 units one box (crisis and broadside) type of thing? Or is it multiple suits on one sprue? Also, any new guns on the sprue. I've been hoping for the ion cannon on broadsides since tau were released. Or did any of the special issue stuff make it's way into standard crisis suit rotation?

i can only say rounder n more dynamic, and expect 3 to a kit

via Tastyfish (take this with a little extra salt)
We should know in just over two weeks, there's also rumours that Tau are on the back page of the January edition of WD. Usually comes out around the 16th I think.

via KarlPedder (not sure where he got these)
Battlesuit Pkit
Vespid FA/HS Combo Pkit
Demiurge Pkit
Assault Transport Pkit
Ubersuit Pkit
Kroot Beast PKit
Fighter Pkit
Dropship Pkit

other rumors
Finecast Box "new" xenos
Finecast blisters 4 in 1st wave more to follow

Demiurg are apparently a lot less Dwarfish than the initial concepts, instead being more like little stone golems (Ozruk from WoW was mentioned)

As a tongue in cheek nod to the fate of the squats, there is a named Demiurg (who may or may not make it as a SC) who survived fighting Tyranids and personally killed a large monster by drilling his way out after being "Swallowed up by the 'Nids"

This Demiurg is aware that the Ethereals have some kind of power over the Tau (maybe other races too) but not the Demiurg, who have presumably signed up for political reasons and of their own free will

Stealth suit mechanics may change

Kroot fieldcraft rule - presumably switched to Stealth and Infiltrate USR

4 new 'Tau' units*: Note these will not all probably be in the first release - there's 2-3 plastic kits here and we already know 3 for the 4 that are coming out.

Dropship (carries upto 15 models or 2 battlesuits and 10 models, or 5 battlesuits)



The Ubersuit is a Battletech/Mechwarrior sort of thing (probably Dreadknight sized), with a special 'ridiculous' ability that lets it rain down shooting if it stands still.

Looks a bit like one of the Battletech Mechs that is named after an ancient weapon

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