There has been long standing rumors that the Imperial Guard will be getting another release, bringing along with it Hydra Flak tanks and plastic Stormtroopers/Veterans. Well, this rumor is pretty simple and does not give the details, but this is what we would expect out of a quick Imperial Guard release.

It should be noted that if we are looking at some nice February releases for IG, I fully expect that it will be alongside a second Necron wave. Games Workshop really should do this, as it then gives open space to release another codex in March or April.

Note that the picture above is my conversion for my Hydra Flak Tanks. The dimensions are scaled appropriately from a Forgeworld model. More information on my Heavy Support Tanks and how I swap out the bases are found here.

Todays rumor, please take with  the standard dose of salt.

Todays Rumor
via Harry
Obviously something is next. coughIGcough

Rumors from Sept 16th 2011
via Stickmonkey
I'm hearing that there is a IG mini release being planned soon, I expect it to be Q1 2012 and be in a mixed release month.
Items I hear are the long rumored stormtrooper plastics. Plastic hydra, and possibly another chimera based kit.
Still a ways off, but ive had multiple sources mention it recently.

Just to add some fuel, I'm sure everyone knows forgeworld no longer sells the hydra upgrade, only the full kit, as it is based on the old chimera models...doesn't mean anything really, I suppose...

Via BramGaunt
Afaik it's actually 3 kits, stormtrooper/veteran soldiers, hydra, Griffon (with colossus and medusa options), plus some finecast updates. Hydra is supposed to look a little different from the FW one


  1. Yeah, because IG totally need more models.

  2. @Tim

    Hsving models for the options in your codex is never a bad thing.

  3. Yay!!!!! Most of my fav units/ mech is getting some love.

  4. Completing the miniature range for a codex is ALWAYS a good thing.

    I know beacuse what brought me to this site was looking for rumours on Tyranids. Boohoo! Sniff!

  5. @Nafka that is an awesome Flak Tank!

  6. I remember awhile back Nafka doing an articale that the reason Tyranids haven't gotten new models is because of the lawsuit with Chapter House. You should be able to find it if you look for it.


    there is the address for that post.

  8. Yes Natfka and Anonymous above, that was one in answer to my google search of 'tyranid rumours'.

    It makes sense from a legal point of view.

    Can't complain though. I don't believe in fate, but think of all the good that has come from bad:

    Tyranid second wave missing. Bad.
    Googled tyranid rumours and found this blog. Good.
    Now I get lots of rumours on a variety of armies. Good.

    1 Bad = 2 Goods

    Always look on the bright side of life.


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