An early Christmas present from Forgeworld, as they reveal images of what was a christmas jigsaw (small close up images for those that were not paying attention, including me). The Fimir Warrior will be featured in the upcoming Warhammer Forge Monstrous Arcana book. Take a look below.

via Warhammer Forge
Christmas Jigsaw Revealed
As no-one managed to guess correctly (!), our three-part tease was in fact a Fimir Warrior, and we’ll be releasing these dread creatures in a set of three during the first quarter of 2012. You can see the completed jigsaw below along with a shot of the unit to whet your appetite, and rules for these detailed resin models will be featured in the forthcoming Warhammer Forge Monstrous Arcana book.


  1. Now that is a blast from the past!!

    Heroquest anyone?

  2. I am actively trying to find my 18+yr old copy of Heroquest and would love to have any/all expansions if somebody wants to part with it.


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