This morning is a little treat produced by Forgeworld; a video history of the the rhino and the land raider. I have fond memories of the old models, and think Forgeworld has done a great job on their latest retro versions of each.


  1. My brother still has two of those old land raiders, as well as a few rhinos. I remember being a child and watching him transporting his Space Wolves against his opponent. Those were the days when rhinos carried terminators and land raiders could carry a dreadnought. Being able to give characters wargear, like a jump pack and vortex grenade for Ragnar Blackmane.

    Ah nostalgia!

    I for one hope Forge World keeps up the older patterns. I'd love to see the older land speeders and terminator armour, as well as scouts.

  2. I find it a pity that they got rid of the MkIIb at Forge World (I sent an E-Mail and they said it's being re-done, so I take this is what they ment).
    Mainly because, even though I like the new FW land raider(s), the main issue is that they don't have front ramps (or do they?).
    I generally preferred that MkIIb conversion kit over the GW Land Raider and also the newer Forge World ones.

  3. Forge World have said they no intention of doing older models of Terminator Armour, sorry Warped. Its on their facebook page if you look hard enough.

  4. @Poxy Proxy Predator

    Was just wishful thinking on my part.


    No front ramp. Not an assault vehicle. Transport capacity 8. The proteus looks good but isn't the same beast of the modern land raiders.


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