Chosen Chaos Space Marines are one of my favorite units when it come down to the current Chaos Codex. Now they were simply veterans from back in the day, and I ran my whole Night Lords army based off of them. Back then Chosen were allowed two heavy weapons with 5 chaos marines and they could infiltrate. Night Lords were just able to take veterans as troops, which made it a very exciting army to play when your entire army infiltrated.

Now as it stands in the current codex they get the single heavy/ special weapon and then up to 4 other models can get a special weapon and infiltration is still part of it. Still exciting, but a little on the expensive side of things.

So of course any mention of my old favorite unit gets me all excited, so lets see what this morning's rumor about the chosen are about...

There is also something about Word Bearers and a bit of speculation at the end.

Remember that these are rumors, and to please take with a grain of salt.

via theDarkGeneral
Just one more thing i've heard...

*Chosen Chaos Marines: Definitely getting a lot more upgrade options! They'll get costly quickly depending upon your Legion, and what kind of wargear and armor they take. Jump packs, Terminator Armor, all combis, dual lightning claws, etc. Lots of options, but again, you'll be paying the points for them. AND, not sure on this part, but it was mentioned that specific HQ choices can take a Chosen squad as a retinue/bodyguard to free up their normal Force Org Chart slot selection. That'd be nice!

Just a reminder, there are Word Bearers that indeed do follow a mono-god theme, and oddly enough (not really) it tends to be Khorne. The Sanctified are a great documentation of this, so I could see some (not all) of the Legions gaining a free unit champ for Chosen Numbered units, but the equipment of course would have to be paid for!

If, as I here, in the new 6th Edition rules you'll be able to direct some attacks, or excess wounds to specific models, it might not mean much anyways...

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