Chaos Legions in the rumor mill again.... did they ever leave? Here is the latest talk of chaos legions discussing many space marine equilavents that may or may not be making the upcoming codex.

Please remember that these are rumors and that should be taken with salt. The following rumors were given by the Dark General. Beneath each item in the rumor, ghost comments on what he knows for each one. Ghost21's comments are in bold italics.

via the Dark General with bold italics by ghost 21
It sounds like we're getting a large upgrade to our current plight when it comes to vehicles and gear and equipment and special rules. Some will be current "Marine type" vehicles, but a few new ones. Yeah, there is a Chaos "flyer" but it's NOT the Hell Blade (or Hell Talon). Not a troop transport, just designed to cause havoc on entrenched enemy squads (hvy Flamers?).

Here's a list of what things we talked about, items with an (^^) are tentative...

*Power of the Machine Spirit/Infernal Engine ^^

*Land Raider Crusader/Redeemer?: ^^

*They Shalt Know No Fear:


*Fearless: (Cult Terminators, and a few specific Legions) ^^

certain units possibly


*Attack Bikes: (possibly with Reaper Autocannons) ^^

*Thunderfire Cannon: (Iron Warriors and Alpha Legion) ^^
they get something else , but kinda


*Artificer Armor:
its called something else

*Techmarines: (about half the Legions) ^^
kind of

*Chaplains: (Word Bearers) ^^
only Word Bearers

*Psychic Hood:
its called something else

*Stormraven Gunship:

*Venerable Dreads:
only one thats a sc

BUT, we're definitely getting new Monstrous Creature (that's not a Summoned Greater Daemon), as well as Juggernaut ridden Berzerkers, and a retinue similar to Command Squads (which can take either Terminator Armor, Jump Packs, ride a Bike or Daemon Beast!)...though I'm not 100% on the riding Daemonic mounts for the Chosen Command Squad...

via ghost21
i added what i know , no offense intended

i can see certain vehicles getting a chaos daemon engine equivalent but not exact copies, n thats all i can add on the matter(under penalty of catapult)

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