Chaos Legions in the rumor mill again.... did they ever leave? Here is the latest talk of chaos legions discussing many space marine equilavents that may or may not be making the upcoming codex.

Please remember that these are rumors and that should be taken with salt. The following rumors were given by the Dark General. Beneath each item in the rumor, ghost comments on what he knows for each one. Ghost21's comments are in bold italics.

via the Dark General with bold italics by ghost 21
It sounds like we're getting a large upgrade to our current plight when it comes to vehicles and gear and equipment and special rules. Some will be current "Marine type" vehicles, but a few new ones. Yeah, there is a Chaos "flyer" but it's NOT the Hell Blade (or Hell Talon). Not a troop transport, just designed to cause havoc on entrenched enemy squads (hvy Flamers?).

Here's a list of what things we talked about, items with an (^^) are tentative...

*Power of the Machine Spirit/Infernal Engine ^^

*Land Raider Crusader/Redeemer?: ^^

*They Shalt Know No Fear:


*Fearless: (Cult Terminators, and a few specific Legions) ^^

certain units possibly


*Attack Bikes: (possibly with Reaper Autocannons) ^^

*Thunderfire Cannon: (Iron Warriors and Alpha Legion) ^^
they get something else , but kinda


*Artificer Armor:
its called something else

*Techmarines: (about half the Legions) ^^
kind of

*Chaplains: (Word Bearers) ^^
only Word Bearers

*Psychic Hood:
its called something else

*Stormraven Gunship:

*Venerable Dreads:
only one thats a sc

BUT, we're definitely getting new Monstrous Creature (that's not a Summoned Greater Daemon), as well as Juggernaut ridden Berzerkers, and a retinue similar to Command Squads (which can take either Terminator Armor, Jump Packs, ride a Bike or Daemon Beast!)...though I'm not 100% on the riding Daemonic mounts for the Chosen Command Squad...

via ghost21
i added what i know , no offense intended

i can see certain vehicles getting a chaos daemon engine equivalent but not exact copies, n thats all i can add on the matter(under penalty of catapult)


  1. Hmmmm,

    A lot of what was mentioned was 'no' 'possible' and 'kinda'. Many words, but little said.

    Land Raider varients are new to the Imperium, and to my knowledge didn't exist at the time of the heresy. Chaos Legions should have their own style, not just be Imperial with chaos icons.

    The Juggernaught riders were part of the 'Brazen Knights' rumour. As was the Word Bearer Dark (chaplain) Apostle. There was also the 'Dark Mechanicus' which could be the 'kind of' Techmarine. To my knowledge, traitor techmarines became obliterators.

    Command squad rumour is new, and sounds good.

    Are not all 10 millenia old Legion dreadnoughts venerable? Thought space marine 'venerables' were the 'veteran' dreadnaughts of a chapter, those who served and fought for many years.

    Hope flyer rumour is waaaaay off, because it sounds meh! Flying close to an enemy, with only armour 10 or 11 for protection, leads to one outcome. Boom! Your expensive flyer is shot down!

    Vehicles? Some will be "marine type"??? I want "chaos type" not Rupert Girlyman type!

    Save the "marine types" for the renegades. Now Huron, Tyrant of Badab, he will have the armoury of a 40K chapter.

  2. Having read through a lot of the same rumours Natfka has, the chaos vehicle variants are hinted at as being chaos's own variations on the initial land raider.

    So, while they'll be similar in scope and capability to say the crusader or the redeemer, they'll be modifications created by the dark mechanicus. For example, hmm, loyalist adherents to the corpse god have put six twin linked storm bolters on a land raider's sponsons? That lacks the proper ambition, we can do better than that...

    How else can one easily explain it without going into details that may get you in trouble with GW though? Daemonic possesion is similar to power of the machine spirit (in principle if not in practice currently) but you can easily describe it's next incarnation by saying, "yeah, it's like potms, but different, and cooler."

  3. Okay so Dark General is just making stuff up now people

  4. My take on this is that dark general has a source he sat down with and asked questions to. He was probably given a lot of "cant answer that" or "dont know" on some stuff so he still posted them as questionable.

  5. its always ghost21
    i would like to see rumors from other sources

  6. i appreciate ghost clarifying what he can

  7. Dark General later clarified that the things he listed were simply the things he and his source talked about - NOT what was going to be in the book. The ones with the ^^ symbol were the ones where he was given some indication of existence, and all of those were "kinda" confirmed by ghost21.

  8. Juggernaut ridden berzerkes? Sure hope those berzerkers have strong backs...


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