Yesterday I posted a list, and had a couple emails asking how to field it. Long time readers will have a jump on this, so lets get down to how this list is fielded. Here is the link to the list.

Lets start with the basics. My lists are always evolving, and this list is a last generation list. Means what I will be fielding after the holidays (currently) is refined from this list. It has evolved.

Lets start with the Backfield. The backfield consists of the heavy support choices. Basilisks and Hydra Flak Tanks. These are a reach out and hurt someone style of backfield. Also sitting around are a combined infantry squad and your company command in a chimera.

Hydra Flak Tanks
The hydras are fielded in 3's simply because in order to be efficient (1 armour kill a round) you need three hydras. Destroyed transport Av11. Since you need three pens on average to blow up a vehicle, you need this many hydras. Efficiency is everything. One unit shoots, one dead transport. Of course smoke and other factors limit this, but you can only plan for what you can. Hence two units.

Like any other multi-shot barrage, you have a better chance of hitting where you want to, if you simply have more than one shot. A single basilisk is very inaccurate. With 3 your chances of scattering back to where you want are very high. If you do not believe me, get out your dice and see. Read page 32 BRB if you do not know how multiple barrage weapons work.  Basilisks also can fire directly within the minimum range. This is awesome, and means that these workhorses are busy the entire game. Hydras open up the transport, the basilisks destroy whatever comes out. Its a one two punch that reaches the entire board. Protect these by having chimeras or hydras in front of them to give the basilisks cover saves.

Infantry Squad
This unit is a non moving vendetta. It is deployed in the backfield with a strong field of view. Spread this unit out, and make sure its in cover. If the opponent has first round assault chances with anything that wreck armour, use this unit to spread out and bubble wrap it. (do not give your opponent room to assault through this unit if you are concerned about first round assaults). (scarabs, demolition veterans etc).

The infantry squad is ideal for holding a backfield objective, and is very hard to remove for capture and control, and seize ground games. In seize ground, this unit often holds multiple objectives (my best is claiming 3 objectives with this unit in a tournament game).

Commissar Lord
Do not forget to attach independent characters before deployment (its a rule). Attach the commissar with a camo cloak to this unit. If under heavy fire, simply go to ground. His stealth special rule applies to the unit, so the entire unit will get a 2+ cover save. Then when it is your turn, order them back up with the commissars leadership with a re-roll with the vox, and return lascannon fire. If not going to ground, give them fire on my target or bring it down for twin linked shooting.

Company Command Squad
These guys are simply there to provide cover and orders. Catch falling back troops with these guys (ordering them back into the fight) and supply your infantry squad with whatever orders they are needing. Your opponent will often go after your CCS, but that is great, let them. They come with a lascannon, so they can help with support fire from the hatch in the chimera.

One trick with Company Command
In a tank crowded field with units falling back, often you simply have to not provide a falling back unit a easy route to your board edge. Its very easy to corral the fleeing unit right towards your Company Command so that they can be regrouped.

That's all I have time for right now. I will continue this after I get some work done.


  1. Don't you find that the Lord Commissar is too large a liability in KP games..? Same goes for him being targeted in CC..? Wouldn't a Regular commissar do better..? You can still get a 2+ cover save using "Incoming" from your CCS.. And since it is also equipped with a LC it will be immobile anyway and keeping it within 12" of your 30 man blob shouldn't be a problem.. + By using "Get back in the fight" you can actually get back up and start shooting those LC's in the blob on the next turn, instead of waiting a full round..

    That way you don't give away a "free" (T3) killpoint either..

    Loosing the Lord commissar and bringing a regular one cuts away 1 KP, and leaves you 10 points short of that chimera for your Melta veterans.. (Which could be found in exchanging that HF to a reg. flamer in you PCS.. 4 x 4/5 Templates against 4+ save guys are still gonna kick them hard enough..)

    Just a thought..

  2. anon. Remember that orders are given at the beginning of your shooting phase. If you are giving the order "incoming" you are going to ground and losing your current shooting phase. This means you are losing your lascannons for your current turn.

    A commissar lord is efficient, because if needed every round you can declare you are going to ground during your opponents shooting phase. This way you maximize every round of shooting.

    From shooting you are not going to lose your commissar lord. Some unit would have to throw down an insane number of wounds, which is nearly impossible if you are properly deployed.

    Losing him from close combat is always a possiblility. It hasnt happened to me yet, but always possible. The liability is minimal though. The opponent really has to get through your midfield, which I will be going into a little later today. (my midfield is the most dangerous place to be caught in so I welcome people trying to get through there).

    Even so, this unit is not your entire army, and if someone is going to sacrifice enough to get them, that is OK.

    With this list, its more efficient to keep the Commissar lord in, since you get to fire every round and get to use his leadership for orders.

    I have used a infantry squad commissar many times, however with this list, the unit is generally not near close combat, so not really needed.

  3. I am sure everybody playing 40k is 100% clear it takes alot of shooting to take a 2+ cover save 33 wound unit down.. Even if it is only T3, that wasn't my point..

    I will respectfully disagree with you on Lord commissar, I find he is too big a liability compared to what he brings to the table in a game where 90% of the units can take out a 30 man none-powered blob by removing the Lord..

  4. In a perfect world, or on paper I would agree with you.

    On the tabletop you still have to get there, and there is 2500pts of shooting and armour that say you won't.

    Disagreeing is OK though. I have tried various commissar combinations in numerous games, and the few times I had thought it to become an issue, not enough of the assaulting unit survived to do enough damage.

    The worst was 6 Death Cult Assassins assaulting the unit, 3 of which were in base with the Commissar. He lived, and killed two of them (lucky). The rest of the his unit got shredded when it was my time to swing back.

    I have faced and survived in close combat against Paladins, and Purifiers with Librarian and Techmarine. Amazingly enough, not enough has survived to make a dent in the unit or kill the commissar. Just about everything else has not been able to survive the shooting to reach me.

    What I have lost the commissar to over the last few months was a warp rift about 2-3 months ago.

  5. I agree with you, especially with the armour as it does take 3 to get the accuracy on anything and to destroy them.

    The one thing I do not like in the new codex is the Commissar's and Lord. I feel they are over priced and under equipped compared to the old codex. In the old codex they were a thing to be feared as they could do a huge amount of damage, but compared to now they have hardly any punch and give KP's away. I feel this is because they are targeted early on as they are a easy kill with just one wound.

    I do have commissars in my army but I use them for the fun factor they can bring by blowing your leaders away for being cowards and running away. I feel you could drop your Lord and replace him with something alot better and more value for your points. But apart from that it is a reaaly cool list.


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