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Idoneth Deepkin Preview: the Namarti

As it stands I am a fan of the Namarti miniatures,  Dynamic poses, detail, with no eyes makes an excellent Aeldar model. The only sore thumb for myself is some of the weapons, but those can be replaced.

The Background also sounds interesting, so lets check out the latest from the Warhammer Community on these new models.

via the Warhammer Community

The Namarti are the largest and lowliest caste in the society of the Idoneth Deepkin, born with withering souls. Namarti must sustain themselves on the stolen souls of others – where the Daughters of Khaine might raid for sport or to give praise to their god, for the Namarti, it’s a matter of life and death.

Lacking eyes, Namarti are hardly encumbered by their blindness and harness their other senses to do their work as menials and builders for the Idoneth Deepkin.
How do the Namarti fight despite being blind? Thanks to a lifetime of specialised training, they can detect minute vibrations in the ethersea – the mystical phenomenon that accompanies the Idoneth Deepkin into battle – and detect their foes just as well as any aelf that could see.
Namarti units make up the core of any Idoneth Deepkin army, with Namarti Thralls being the only standard Battleline unit in the list (though you’ll be able to unlock more, depending on your chosen general). The second type of Namarti, the Namarti Reavers, will be out in the next few weeks with a kit of their own.

Namarti Thralls are brutally effective in close combat – just check out their characteristics:
As you’d expect with any aelven force, they’re fast, lightly armoured and hit hard – making the most effective use of these guys will come down to knowing how to combine them with your allegiance abilities. For one, these guys are ideal for screening – keep them in front of your most valuable units and they’ll absorb fire thanks to Forgotten Nightmares, a rule we previewed earlier that applies to all Idoneth Deepkin. For another, you can reduce casualties by making sure they’re in close combat in the third game turn – thanks to High Tide on the Tides of Death table, they’ll get to strike first!
There are also all manner of powerful synergies between the Namarti and Isharann characters. Lotann, Warden of the Soul Ledgers, for instance, offers them re-rolls of 1s to hit, while Isharann characters will offer powerful bonuses of their own.
You’ll be able to add the Namarti to your army this weekend when the Namarti Thralls go on pre-order. Make sure to keep an eye out for the Namarti Reavers in the coming weeks, too!