Alpha Legion is soon to get some heavy hitting reinforcements with the Lernaean Terminators. That will nicely with their Primarch.

via Forgeworld

Lernaean Terminators are the elite of the Alpha Legion; while the Headhunter Kill Teams assassinate enemy command elements at range, their Terminator-armoured brethren shatter enemy lines in brutal close-assaults. Armed with power axes, they’re ideal for carving through other armoured units, while their Volkite Chargers make them effective against massed infantry too!
The Lernaean Terminators kit is perfect for making a worthy bodyguard for Alpharius, and has a range of tactical roles in your Alpha Legion army. It also features a Terminator-mounted conversion beamer – a rare weapon that transforms the squad into a long-ranged firebase! Even if you don’t use this weapon on your squad, it’s ideal for converting a Master of the Forge in Terminator armour.
That’s not all – Forge World will also be releasing another set of vehicle doors, designed to allow you to customise nearly any vehicle in your army – from Deimos Pattern Rhinos to the Thunderhawk itself – with the heraldry of the XXth.

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