Today Forgeworld has a full court press on Necromunda with new Goliath Weapon sprues and new Bounty Hunters for your games. Included are the new rules for Slate Merdena and the new weapon packs.

New From Forgeworld Today

Grendl Grendlsen, Squat Bounty Hunter £18

Eyros Slagmyst, Bounty Hunter £18

Belladonna, Bounty Hunter £18

Slate Merdena & Macula, Orlock Hired Gun £20

Goliath Weapons Set 1 £16

Goliath Weapons Set 2 £16

via the Warhammer Community

Rules for the three Bounty Hunters are available in their packs. You can also find rules Grendl Grendlsen and Eyros Slagmyst in Gang War 2, while Belladonna will feature in the upcoming Gang War 3. While he makes a great model for an Orlock gang leader, Slate Merdena also has his own rules PDF, available here:
Goliath gangs wanting to make use of the new weapon packs can also download a PDF containing updated weapons lists:

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