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2nd Age Battle Report: 1,000pts...... The Encryptors vs the Seishin

Two forces come together for a 2nd Age match up........... Here is your chance to really see how the The Genesys Project is played, some of it's features, and just how your customizable factions hit the field.

The Genesys Project is a Totally Customizable Tabletop Miniatures game, that puts you in control of your factions special abilities, including customizable weapons/ equipment/ vehicles, and more. Your options are enormous and all plug into a fluid and base rule set. To learn more..... visit The Genesys Project here.

Part 2 can be seen here at this link

This is Part 1 of the Battle Report. (we are going through how many things work and interact).
Both of these Factions are created from the Humanoid Primarius.

Player 1: The Encryptors
Techno Artisans dedicated to the discovery of their origins and the power of the Ethereal soul to energize their creations. Their dark experiments create fear and mistrust among others as they push the boundies of their science to uncover new ways to harness energy from the living essence of others. 

Player 2: The Seishin
Spirit Warriors living in tribes dedicated to a single element. A drive for perfection among the tribes leads warriors to elevate themselves, mastering the elements to learn the forbidden secrets of the universe. The Seishin are Humanoids, but delve into the secrets of the Fey. 

Board Set Up
First things first, board set up...... done by both players rolling for terrain density for each deployment area and the area of conflict (center of the board), and then taking turns placing terrain pieces. Board set up is very flexible, allowing terrain pieces to be next to each other creating very interesting boards and features.

Once the terrain is placed.... possible objective markers are placed, numbered 1-6, into the area of conflict. Note that you may also roll here for weather effects on the field, and time of day. For the purposes of this demo and report, we are going to skip those conditions.

Here is our board set up for the game!

Once the board is set up.... Each player rolls for their primary mission. These are often different from each other, but can be the same.

The Encryptors roll and end up with a Occupy mission.
In this mission they must take control of a single terrain piece that is in the enemy's deployment area. Its rolled randomly, between the terrain, and the terrain piece is selected.

The Seishin roll and get a Take the Field mission.
In this mission, each objective marker becomes an item to capture, starting at the end of Game Round 3.

Secondary Missions: are not rolled for until the end of the 2nd Game Round. These provide flexible and changing conditions on the tabletop.

Preparing Your Forces
Once you have your mission, its time to choose the forces (from available models) that you will send in to accomplish the mission. Since we are playing 1,000pts, players must stay under 1,000pts and build their forces according to their Life Domain. Both players share their faction with their opponent (although you wont know what they are using).

Both players may also select a Battle Declaration, giving them bonuses or advantages that might help they accomplish their mission. Battle Declarations are Templates that can be applied to any mission your playing. The Encryptors choose a Forward Assault to get a forward deployment and getting a bonus on their first round initiative, since they must reach the enemy's side of the board. The Seishin seeing the mission that the enemy has, chooses to take Disruption/Sabotage as their Battle Declaration, allowing them to force their opponent to redeploy an enemy squad into a different deployment zone than first chosen.

The Encryptors: 985pts

The Seishin: 998pts (20pts added for Battle Declarations)
Spirit Warriors living in tribes dedicated to a single element. A drive for perfection among the tribes leads warriors to elevate themselves, mastering the elements to learn the forbidden secrets of the universe. 

Each deployment area is divided up into 6 zones, numbered 1-6. Your forces may be deployed into 3 of the 6 zones. You select a zone by simply deploying into it. Up to 50% of your squads can be held in reserves.

Both players roll a d6 and add in their highest Command Value in their force. The highest result chooses whether to deploy first or second.

Deploying first allows you take solid positions, as the enemy must deploy greater than 20" away from your models. Deploying second obviously allows for your to respond to your enemies positions.

Deployment: Encryptors win the die roll, and decide to deploy 2nd.
(note that once deployed both players add up the total of their deployment zones (1-6) and the lowest total wins initiative and goes first in the first round of gameplay)

Seishin (Take zone 2)

  • The Seishin deploy their Water Ashigaru into a solid position in zone 2 to take advantage of their overcharged energy rifles. While they can fire on the move at Strength 3, when using overcharged fire the Strength of the weapon is increased and they must be stationary to fire it. (Strength of the weapon vs the toughness of the model). 
  • They follow up Water with Earth Ashigaru, placing them in zone 2 so that they can use their bulk to absorb fire and move slowly into forward firing positions and capture close objectives. 

Encryptors (Disruption in Zone 6, Take zone 5)

  • Seeing that the Seishin so far are only deploying into zone 2 , the Encryptors take zone 6 (which does not count towards their initiative). Taking their War Guardians, they deploy up to the leading edge of the zone, pushing back any possible opposing squads (You cannot deploy within 20" of an opposing squad, with traits that allow you to do so). War Guardians move slowly, but hold territory very well with their ballistic shield wall and Glaive Carbines. 
  • Immediately the Seishin player disrupts the deployment, the opponent to redeploy the War Guardians into a different zone using his Disruption/Sabotage Battle Declaration . Instead of zone 6,  the War Guardians are redeployed into zone 5 with the new purpose of preventing the enemy from achieving their primary mission.
  •  Armored Decimators follow suit and deploy into the ruins in zone 5 in order to use their Missile Launchers at a distance and Machine Pistols to cover the War Guardians. (Multi-Targetting AI in their Powered Armor allows the Armored Decimators to independently target multiple squads with the armor's weapon systems.
New Position in zone 5

Seishin (Take Zone 4)

  • Taking cover behind the large terrain pieces and the advantage of moving the opponent out of zone 6 with the Disruption Declaration, the Seishin deploy behind cover with their Air Ashigaru. These guys are fast, can fly above terrain, and are great for jumping and flanking other existing melee combat. 
  • The Fire Ashigaru are placed along the side board edge of zone 4. Models placed in this way, are not on the board until activated and moved on the board. This will get the hard melee hitting Fire Ashigaru into a good forward placement able to take on anything big trying to move around the side of the board towards the Encryptors Objective. 

Encryptors (Take zone 6)

  • The Encryptors now deploy a squad of Decimators behind a piece of terrain with access to objectives (keeping away the Seishin), and have good access to move forward towards their own primary objective.
  • The Encryptors then place the big boy on the block, the Infused Giant onto the tabletop alongside the Decimators. The Infused Giant is a heavily genetically modified and beast infused with the lifeblood energy of other living beings. Its fast, its powerful, and nigh unkillable by all but the heaviest of weapons.  

Seishin (deploy into zone two and declare zone 1 their last zone)

Here we add up the total zones deployed into.. Zones 4, 2, and 1 for a total of 7 for determining 1st round initiative.

  • The last deployment are Heavy Air Drones with Seishin Heavy Beam Weapons. These guys if left unchecked can wreck havoc, as they can hover above the battlefield and unleash their heavy beam weapons. The drones are declared to be flying and now sit 9" above their base for targeting and line of sight.

Encryptors (deploy into zone 6, but are disrupted and redeploy into zone 5)

(Here we add up the total zones deployed into for the Encryptors, ignoring the 6pts for zone 6 due to the Encryptor's Battle Declarations. Zone 5, and zone 2 gives us a 7 tying with Seishin, and forcing a roll off for the first round of initiative)

  • The Encryptor Battle Mecha is deployed into zone 6, piloted by two Decimators. (if the vehicle is destroyed, they can get out if they survive and continue the battle.) The Battle Mecha's heavy Gatling Gun is quick to take down infantry type models. It is however a rather short ranged weapon with an Accuracy Range of 24", so with the large rock in the way to block Heavy Air Drone weapons, the Mecha should be able to move quickly in to clear the path towards the objective.
  • Immediately the Seishin player disrupts the deployment, the Seishin player uses its last Disruption, and forces the Battle Mecha to redeploy, leaving the Mecha exposed to Heavy Air Drone fire if initiative is lost. 

Battle Mecha's New position

There were several things that could of changed the output of the deployments, including the Encryptors trying to push getting first round initiative by redeploying into zone 3 instead of 5. This would of insured a first round initiative. This would of involved two main squads, the slow moving War Guardians and the Battle Mecha being quite a ways back on the field and maybe delayed just how effective they can be.

Instead we now head to the die roll........

Seishin roll a 4..... vs the Encryptors 3 and now have the initiative for the first game round. We shall see in part two if the Seishin are able to capitalize on this or not.

Here is a look at where we are at. Look for part 2 tomorrow night.

Part 2 can be seen here at this link