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Hired Guns for House Orlock

A quick preview of of Slate Merdena and Macula..... a cyber mastiff. With Gang War III even have rules for Cyber Mastiffs. That mastiff is a home run in my opinion. Very nice.

via Forgeworld on the Warhammer Community

Back at the Horus Heresy and Necromunda Weekender, we previewed Slate Merdena and Macula, a pair of Hired Guns (the former takes creds, the latter is happy with biscuits) from House Orlock. You won’t have to wait too long to grab these guys for your gang, and we’ve got some painted versions to tide you over while you wait.

Like the rest of Necromunda’s Hired Guns, there are several ways you can use these models. Rules for Slate Merdena and Macula will be available in a future Gang War supplement, but you’re also welcome to use them as members for your
 Orlock Gang – Gang War III even contains rules for cyber-mastiffs.