Is Forgeworld going to pick up Battlefleet Gothic? It appears that according to this rumor it will be picked up by Games Workshop with upgrades coming from Forgeworld. A very interesting mix with BfG going back to the Horus Heresy, and with the bar already very very high with Dropfleet Commander already on the market (rules by the original writer for BfG).

Also a little reminder that Adeptus Titanicus is coming, with some info here. Hopefully with Warhammer Fest right around the corner we will be getting some big announcements.
Still sad with no epic in the works.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Just heard some interesting things concerning Titanicus and Battlefleet gothic. Source is reliable

  • Coming out this year 
  • Warlord will be the size of a knight: the warlord is the size of a knight I mean standard gw knight so roughly six inches tall.
  • All titans will be released and all knights in gw and forge world range 
  • All in plastic 
  • No epic in the works 

Battlefleet gothic
  • Horus heresy set 
  • Same model as necromunda e.g. Base models gw with forge world upgrades. 
  • All legions with Imperial fleet. 
  • If popular will expand to 41st millennium 

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Remember these images for Adeptus Titanicus?

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