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Deathwatch Rumors....... with Harlequin Tidbits.

Rumors are saying that Deathwatch will primarily be based around Primaris Marines with quite a few miscellaneous rules to smack down Xenos. Here is a small compilation of rumors.

via Master Valrak 
Just a heads up, this was all sent to me while I was in the USA on vacation so you probably know this, I just want something to make my Primaris better, hope this all true

Mostly based around Primaris Marines
Mixed Primaris units; inceptors, intercessors, agressors etc in each unit, similar to current mixed Kill-Teams
Teleportarium Stratagem to Deepstrike units (hello Hellblasters!)
Rule to get Sniper rule against Xenos
Some kind of re-roll wounds ability
Something to "remove Tau Markerlights"
No current rumors about new models

This comes from a French Youtube Channel a couple weeks ago.
This is from the youtube channel French Wargame studio latest live, they said this yesterday and they were totally right about drukhari leaks in the live before this one. 

Information Tidbits
Codex harlequins : 
- There will be a Portal Fortification, 120Pts Not under 14HP 3+ 5++ T8, that you will set everywhere on the table but more than 12inch of enemy and more than 6 inch of objective, that will give the possibility to ds units from it, with a strat similar to necron if he is destroyed you can set them. After the portal is destroyed unit are not forced to be more than 9’’ to the enemy. Strongly implied that this unit will be available to aeldari. 
- A warptime spell for Harlequin unit 

Codex Deathwatch: 
This is the go codex for primaris: they called it the codex Primawatch 
- For primaris You can mix unit like this : 5 intercessors ( barebone) + a mix of 5 other miniatures from primaris ( for example agressors, hellbasters, interceptors) 

Tactical flexibility stratagem to split your squad 
- There will be a stratagem ( Teleportarium) to deepstrike a unit of death watch. 
- Stratagem to give sniper rules on death watch unit against xenos . ( they take for example hellblasters sniping synapse tyranid) 
- Stratagem auspex scan but work without deepstrike against xenos ( they take examples pointys ears that come at 12”inch and you shoot at them) 
- Something to reroll wounds against troops? not precised if stratagem 
- They talk about something that can remove tau markerlights? no idea of what type of things that can be 

Kill team will be out the same month than deathwatch codex