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The Genesys Project is a Totally Customizable Tabletop Miniatures game, that puts you in control of your factions special abilities, including customizable weapons/ equipment/ vehicles, and more. Your options are enormous and all plug into a fluid and base rule set. To learn more..... visit The Genesys Project here.

First Up.
I wanted to touch on a quick question several playtesters sent in.......... Battle Declarations.
These are not in the Open Beta rules but will make the final release of the game. These are templates that you can choose to take with any mission. They give you options, like taking a Defensive Position being able move terrain pieces in your deployment zone for a better start, but also restricts which zones you can deploy into. There are also Forward Assault, Survival, Long War, and Heroic Deeds that will be in the Core Rules upon release. Each Life Domain will also have their own selection of Declarations.

Some Basic Rules if you are new to the Genesys Project
Game Rounds
In the Genesys Project, each Game Round is divided up into Player Turns. During a Player Turn you may activate a number of squads equal to your Command Value. The highest Command Characteristic still alive on your side of the table gives you this number and can change rapidly depending upon who is alive. The Seishin have a Command Value of 4 to start the game. They must activate a minimum of 2 squads but up to 4. 

An activation consists of a movement + action, which can be held for later. For example you may move forward up to x3 your movement characteristic and not use an action unless someone charges into your squad. 

Combat Resolution
Combat Resolution consists of a single die roll to hit an enemy model, which determines the Combat Resolution Number. The target then get a chance to roll a die and save against the hit.
Its simple, 

  1. Martial or Ranged Characteristic + d6 = Combat Resolution Number (CRN). If this is equal to or greater than the opponents target number it hits. 
  2. Adjust for Strength of the attack. (if the strength is 1 higher than the toughness of target, modify the CRN by 1.
  3. The Target now rolls:   Toughness + d6 to equal or beat the combat resolution number to avoid taking a wound or damage. Living Models take wounds, Non-living models take damage to their toughness.
  4. Note that if the target cannot save on a d6... the result is just too high, the damage is critical. A too low of result is an auto save, meaning no die roll is needed. 

Game Round 1 
Seishin Turn:
Now we start the game with the Seishin having the initiative. They decide they want to go first and take advantage of a misplaced Encryptor Battle Mecha. Activating their Heavy Air Drones, they can move their base movement and still fire their Heavy Beam Weapons.

Important Rules for the Heavy Air Drones:
Flight: these guys are 9" above their Bases for line of sight and targeting.  
Shooting Heavy Weapons: Any model can move up to x2 movement and still shoot if the weapons strength is equal to or less than the toughness of the model/vehicle. If the Strength is 1-2 higher than only movement x1 (or Base Movement )is allowed, making it a heavy weapon.. The Seishin Heavy Beam Weapons have Heavy Mountings, and Recoil -1, allowing them to move and shoot as if the beam weapon had a strength of 5. 

With great shots on the Battle Mecha, the drones fire! The results below
Combat Resolution Numbers after being modified for Strength are..... 12, 10, 9.
The Encyrptor player now rolls his saves in order, from highest to lowest, a 5+, 3+, and a 2+. Unfortunately the Mecha fails all three, the last two saves were 1's. This results in a severe 3 damage to the Mech's toughness, lasting several holes in its hull to lower its toughness from 8 to 5.
Next the Seishin player decides to activate his Water Ashigaru to overcharge their beam weapons from their elevated position in the ruins to try and take out a few War Guardians. The War Guardians have Ballistic Shields that lower the die rolls by 2, making their shield wall very difficult to break. The die results are lowered by two, turning the 5 to a 3, 4 to a 2, and a 3 to a 1. Our best shot has rolled a 5 to hit (2 Ranged Skill). With a Target number of 6 for the War Guardians...... all three shots are deflected from their Shields. An interesting note.... Strength 7 or higher weapons cannot be deflected by the shields.

The Seishin Player decides after failing to do much during the last activation, to activate and move foward the Earth Ashigaru. They move foward at full movement x3 (only 6" for these guys), but then use their Ethereal Jump to move through the Ethereal for extra movement. They roll a 6, and get 6" of extra movement.

The Seishin Player then gives up being the active player, even though he could of taken an additional activation. Now he will get to see how the Encryptors move.

Encryptors Turn:
The Encryptors Activate the War Guardians moving forward 4" and using coordinated attacks to maximize any damage they might get. Since the War Guardians have the War Veterans ability, they may may sacrifice other model's attacks in their squad to gain bonuses to hit and strength up to a maximum of +4.
They roll a single die to hit, rolling a 6!. The final Combat Resolution Number is 15!, that will be a critical hit doing an extra point of damage + taking out a Core System on the drone. The drones owner chooses which core system is destroyed, and removes the Ranged Combat Upgrade (lowering its ranged skill by 2!) With the drones hull torn to shreds, its toughness is now 3. An easy target for even small arms fire.

Trying to maximize their first attacks, the Encryptors now activate their Battle Mecha unleashing it's Heavy Gatling Cannon with 5 Strength 6 shots and Light machine gun with 5 strength 4 shots on the drones. The Gatling Cannon only scores one hit, which damages an undamaged drone, while the light machine gun scores two hits reducing the toughness of the damaged drone to a 1. The heavily damaged drone is barely standing.
Next up the Power Armored Decimators use their suits Missile Launchers to attempt to strike down the drones... These missiles are very powerful against armor, with the armor piercing 2 attribute. However drones are not big tanks, and when a high strength (7+) weapon is targeting a model with a toughness 6 or less, the target gets a +2 to its target number. The Armored Decimators fire, hitting with a die roll of 5, and missing the second shot on a 3. The first is a critical hit, with a high strength that doubles the vehicles toughness.... causing it to explode!
With the Multi-Targeting AI firing the missiles, the Decimators also use their machine pistols to take some extra long ranged shots. These are out of the Accuracy range of the weapon, and therefore grant a +2 bonus to the targets Rtn (ranged target number). Getting lucky and hitting the last drone, the already smoking and heavily damaged drone, is taken down.
Only the single middle drone with one damage, is left at the end of the Encryptors turn.

The Seishin: 
the Seishin have taken some serious damage right off the starting line, and the Seishin are not about to throw themselves into the open quite yet.
The Air Ashigaru take to flight, moving up and towards the center column or rock. This puts them 9" up above the battlefield. Meanwhile the Fire Ashigaru move onto the board, trying to see if the Encryptors will take the bait and charge in with their giant.
This ends the first Game Round for the Seishin, as every squad has been activated. Because they finished before the Encryptors..... they automatically have the initiative going into the Second Round.

The Encryptors
Moving the Infused Giant forward he sprints out into the field, but holds tightly to the large column of rock to avoid any weapons fire that might catch him. The Decimators move behind him into the terrain so that they can use their weapons to support the Infused Giants push forward with their assault rifles.
This ends the 1st Game Round for the Encryptors as well.

The Field at the End of Round 1

Game Round 2
Round 1 ended with the Seishin taking a beating from the concentrated firepower of the Encryptors, and losing multiple Heavy Air Drones. Starting off with initiative, the Seishin decide to go first.


The Earth Ashigaru emerge from behind the rock to attempt to get a good shot of the Giant barreling across the snow. Of course they roll a 1, and the shot misses completely. The second Ashigaru fires his pistol learning quickly that his pistol is just not strong enough to damage the giant.
The Fire Ashigaru with a good Ethereal Jump roll could pull off a good charge, but again the dice gods look upon them unfavorably and the result of a 3 pulls up short. They get a 12" movement and position themselves in a good spot in front of the Earth Ashigaru ready to absorb a charge.

Next up the Air Ashigaru descend down from above past the giant to attack the Decimators in the terrain. The resulting battle kills a Decimator and while other attacks are turned aside harmlessly by each others armor.

Finally for their last activation, the last Heavy Air Drone drops into the ruins looking for some cover and a clean shot on the Battle Mecha. Taking the shot.... Rolls a 6! + its Ranged Skill of 5= an 11. Hitting and quite possibly a critical hit. The Beam Weapon is strength 8 with piercing 1. This drops the damaged mecha from its damaged toughness 5 to 4. Not only is it a critical hit, but doubling the toughness with the strength of the weapon... causes an explosion.
The explosion is a 4" blast of flames and debris, and at strength 4 might do some damage to men nearby. However, only the Giant is within its blast radius, and which gives the Giant a 1+ save which it does so automatically. The two men inside however, each suffer a critical hit and die in the explosion.

Having just suffered the loss of the Battle Mecha, the Encryptors are looking forward to throwing some damage at their opponent. It is time to engage the Infused Giant..... with two good options.. Either join the melee behind him, where he would flank the already engaged opponents  likely killing them both, or charge into the tough strong Fire Ashigaru.

Command Value note..... When the Decimators fought back in the Melee combat with the Air Ashigaru, this used up 1 Command Value for the round. So the Encryptors only have 2 activation's left. 

The Giant activates and turns, charging into the Air Ashigaru. Hoping this will free his soldiers up, the Infused Giant charges to the Air warriors who are exhausted (already have activated). This grants the giant a +1 enhancement to martial and reduces the Air Ashiguru's characteristics by 1.
The giant rolls a 5 and a 6 for its two attacks........ a 14 and 13 CRn, smashing both warriors into a bloody pulp.
In return the War Guardians have a chance to possibly kill a Water Ashigaru before they activate, so they move forward and do a round of coordinated fire and miss with a roll of a 2. Their shots bouncing harmlessly off the ruins providing cover.

The Seishin now get to activate their last squad, the Water Ashigaru. They decide its time to take on the not yet activated Armored Decimators. Their power armor is tough, so a coordinated shot with the overcharged beam weapons might just do the trick. Even with cover from the ruins, they score a hit and the Armored Decimator fails its save and taking a point of damage to its power armor.

The Seishin are now done with Game Round 2 and secure their initiative for Game Round 3.

The Armored Decimators fire their Missiles at the Water Ashigaru then realizing its an almost pointless task and not really possible (needing a 6) and point their Machine pistols at the charging Fire Ashigaru. The Machine pistols roll badly, with all shots missing, ending the 2nd Game Round for the Encryptors.

End of the 2nd Game Round......
Its time to roll for the Secondary Objective....which is a shared objective.
Survivial is rolled.... Player with the highest percentage of models left alive wins the secondary objective. However you must have over half your models alive to take this objective. (greater than 50%)

Game Round 3
The Seishin maintain initiative and choose to go first with the intention of taking down the Infused Giant.

Earth Ashigaru move out into the open unloading their heavy direct beam at the Giant. They do of course roll poorly and the Giant gets a 1+ save against the hit.

The Fire Ashigaru then move forward to charge the Giant. The Fire Ashigaru are armed with fire blades and hit extremely hard when charging.

Encryptor Player Interupts Gameplay: The Encryptor player decides he must do a Reactive Activation to unload on the charging Fire Ashigaru. When doing this..... it takes up an activation during their next turn + all actions receive a Reduction 1 to their characteristics used for the reaction. They go full auto with their Assault Rifles unloading a total of 6 dice. The Fire Ashigaru are difficult to hit with their evasion, but with all those dice there are a couple hits, and a Fire Ashigaru falls dead to the hail of bullets.

The Fire Ashigaru then charge and collide receiving their full movement bonus (from last round) in the charge. This increases their strength by 1, and they ethereal jump into the melee (avoiding the long reach of the Giant, so he does not get to strike first).

The Fire Ashigaru attack rolling well cutting into the heavily armored Giant doing a single wound, nearly getting in the second needed to kill the giant (he made a 4+ save). Of course the giant takes a swing at the each of the them and critically hits and kills one. 
The Seishin now turn to the singe heavy Air Drone to try and get a kill on the Armored Decimators. The shot misses due to the hard cover of the ruins. 
The Water Ashigaru follow suit, needing to get some damage up there, and fail to deliver a hit with coordinated fire. 

This ends the Seishin players Game Round 3.

The Encryptors:
Having already used up two activations (from the Reactionary Activation and the Melee Combat), the Encryptors turn to their Powered Armor Decimators elevated positions in the ruins to target the now in the open Earth Ashigaru. Firing Missiles and Machine pistol fire (too weak and too far away to hurt them), one missile hits and critically destroys the Earth Ashigaru with the Heavy Direct Beam. 

Because the Seishin are done activating, the Encryptors take their next player turn to activate their last squad. The War Guardians moving up the field continue coordinated fire at the Water Ashigaru, and even with cover they manage overpower and kill one. 

With Game Round 3 over.... the Seishin find themselves in a perilous place with quite a few losses, and the looming possibility of the Giant wrecking havoc if it breaks loose. 

Game Round 4
With the tide of the battle turning against them...... The Seishin turn their focus onto the left side of the board where the Giant is. If the Fire Ashigaru can get a good swing off, a dead Giant could clear the way to salvage the battle. 

The Water Ashigaru activate first, turning their attention on the Decimators supporting the Giant, and are able to down one with their overcharged rifles. A good roll on a save, saved the last decimator there. 

Meanwhile the Heavy Air Drone turns its attention to those pesky War Guardians. Its Heavy Beam Weapon cannot be deflected, even though it will be a tough shot. Just barely hitting through is enough to vaporize (critically hit) a single War Guardian. 
Now its the big one....... and a die roll of a 1 it is. The Fire Ashigaru fails miserably, leaving the Giant to make a single attack (modified for a +2, for sacrificing its other attack), and rolling a 6. The Fire Ashigaru dies in a mangled mess.

The Seishin have a single activation left... the Earth Ashigaru. A tough decision looms whether to take cover behind the column of rock and shoot at the last decimator, or try a foolish move to charge the now exhausted Giant in melee combat. The Earth Ashigaru can use its overloaded beam pistol (strength 5) in the melee. So he charges..... rolling a 5 to hit with his pistol. A good result against the exhausted Giant gives the giant a 3+ save against the hit. A 1 is rolled, and the Giant Dies!!!!!

This ends the Game Round for the Seishin. Has the battle turned?

The Encryptors jump straight to their War Guardians moving forward towards their primary objective and laying down coordinated fire. Unfortunately this time around, they roll poorly, and do not land any hits with their Glaive Carbines. 
Its up to the Armored Decimator now to take down the heroic Earth Ashigaru. With cover, both missiles launched miss their mark. 
The lone Decimator on the Ground near the Earth Ashigaru has two options, and after a quick calculation, figures out that even at full auto his assault rifle will just bounce off its hide and armor. So he bails, moving a full 9" away and using his action to move another 3" gets to the center rock column. 

With Game Round 4 complete, the game has become desperate. Both sides are very far from achieving their primary objective, and the secondary objective seems all but lost at this point with the Seishin far below the 50% model count, and the Encryptors sitting right at 50%. 

Game Round 5
Its time to move, and reach those objectives........ (a little late, but hopefully something can be done).
Earth Ashigaru moves quickly using it's Ethereal Jump to move quickly and reach objective marker 3.
Water Ashigaru get a 4 on a their ethereal jump, moving very quickly in position to claim objective 1.
The Heavy Air Drone, moves towards the sides of the ruins and fires at the War Guardians, but rolls poorly and misses.

The Encryptors trying to prevent their opponent from gaining their objectives, moves aggressively towards their own terrain piece they must occupy.

The War Veterans fire at the Water Ashigaru, but their extremly quick movement along with evasion makes these shots very difficult, and coordinated fire misses the mark.
The lone Decimator runs quickly out into the open and gets close to the opposing forces objective, and thus will prevent them from claiming it at the end of the round. He is moving too quickly to shoot and hit anything, but just preventing the Seishin from gaining this objective could mean a win here.
Meanwhile the Power Armored Decimators in the elevated ruins take aim at the Earth Ashigaru and miss their mark with their Missile Launchers.

At the end of the 5th Game Round, the Seishin are hard pressed, and only gain objective number 3. Number one was contested and claiming 4 of these will be difficult to say the least. 

Meanwhile the Encryptors are getting close their terrain piece. Some good movement will get them there, but will limit how much shooting they can do. 

Game Round 6

Seishin: The Seishin are about to make a break for their objectives to attempt to gain their primary objective. Meanwhile it appears that the Encryptors will have the opportunity to reach their objective. Game Round 6 is the last round of normal play. It is possible though to extend the game additional rounds into what is called the End Game, but it requires a die roll. So this could very well be it!
The Water Ashigaru run straight at the War Guardians, and ethereal jump past them with a 5 result for their jump. They get a total of 14" of movement! The War Guardians with their 2" threat range from their Glaive Carbines could of attacked, but held back for a possible charge. This places the Water Ashigaru close enough to claim objective 5 depending upon the War Guardians.

On the other side of the field, the Earth Ashigaru moves forward to claim another objective.
In other news, the heavy air drone proves once again that it can roll a crazy amount of 1's to hit, missing the lone Decimator.


The Encryptors now run the lone Decimator around the rock that is their terrain piece to occupy. Hide him! He is now solely holding the objective.
This allows the War Guardians to turn and charge the Water Ashigaru. They do so using their long Glaives to strike first, but failing to kill anyone. The Water Ashigaru roll well, but with a Deflection of 2, the Water Ashigaru's attacks are deflected.
The Armored Decimators fire and miss the lone Earth Ashigaru.

Round 6 is complete with the Encryptors now holding their objective, (with a single hiding Decimator). The Seishin are able to claim their second objective marker, but the charge into the Water Ashigaru have stopped them cold from claiming their objective.

This takes us to the end of normal game play.... However... The Seishin still can push the game into the End Game (rounds 7+) if they can pass a command check. Roll a d6 and add in their highest command characteristic to equal or beat the round number they want to push into. So with a 7+ needed, the Seishin roll and easily make it. The game continues into Round 7!

Game Round 7
Round 7 the Seishin are very limited in what they can accomplish, but plan on taking the primary objective away from the Encryptors. So instead of losing, they are attempting to push a tie.

The Heavy Air Drone takes a shot at the lone Decimator holding their objective, and of course rolls another 1! Horribly shaken that the long Decimator is not able to be taken out.... its time to contest.
The Earth Ashigaru now runs and jumps towards the Encryptor's objective, effectively reaching it and contesting it!
The Water Ashigaru fight for the center of the board, but theirs is a losing battle, and 1 Water Ashigaru dies in the melee.

The Encryptors now take missile shots at the last air drone, hitting it and causing it to explode!
Meanwhile the last Decimator moves further behind the rocks.

Game Over...... A Draw
With no way of getting additional models towards the objective, the Encryptors now want the game to go an additional round to somehow try and get their War Guardians to the contested Objective. With a leadership value of 3 on the board, they roll a die, needing a 8 in total to take the game an additional Game Round..... and fail with a 3. 

The Encryptors settle in for a complete draw with neither side able to complete their primary or secondary objective. 

For kicks another two rounds were played, and the Encryptors were able to finally able to reach their objective, however, their Leadership ultimately was not high enough to push the game that far into the End Game. 

Campaign Results
Neither side gained their primary objectives and therefore do not get any of the bonuses to level up their faction. Each primary mission grants a specific award for additional skills or other bonuses. There is also a total of 1,000 Progression points possible for each army to gain for achieving their primary and secondary missions.

The Seishin's Take and Hold would of awarded: either a bonus faction trait or a bonus of 20% progression
The Encryptors Occupy Mission would of awarded: a bonus faction trait

Progression Points Awarded: As it is, with a 1,000pts possible of progression (what moves you forward to the next Age) both sides are awarded 250pts for stopping the other team in achieving their primary objective.

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