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Today I’d like to share my Akira themed Ork Warboss onna bike. I’ve wanted to knock together a busted-up, orkified version of Kaneda’s bike for a long time and after seeing a few other attempts online (including a magnificent one by a guy who runs/ran a conversions blog called IronDog Studios) I decided to give it a go.

While my painting’s not up to much I’m really happy with how the conversion came out. From what I can remember there are pieces from a dakkajet, an imperial knight, tau drones and a skyray , Ghazgkhull’s big shooty arm and a few other miscellaneous bits, all attached to the frame of a deffkopta. The only part which didn’t come from a 40k kit is the tyres, which (as you may be able to see) are Lego.

Anyway I hope you guys like him, name suggestions are welcome! I’ve considered Kanedork, Tetsuork and Akirork but they’re just not... Orky enough!


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