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Waiting on Imperial Knights: Compilation of Rumored Knights Coming

Waiting for Imperial Knights and what is rumored to come with the new codex? A lot of us are. Cutting through all the bits and conversations here is what is being talked about, and has been for the last couple months.

These are rumors until we actually get them.. some of these bits more than others. Obviously we have the Armiger and have seen the new Knight at Adepticon from the video and image above.

Compiled by Miniwars from dakka and Bolter & Chainsword

  • Castellan -the one they presented during the Adepticon- 
  • The mini knight Armiger that comes in the box of Forgebane. (Rumored Variant as well)
  • Valiant , a stylized variant - higher - than the standard Imperial Knight we know, armed with an energy spear and an energy weapon. Very possibly come in a dual kit box with special character option.  
  • Helliger  (only this possible name is known)
  • They would also launch a Renegade Imperial Knight .