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Subterranean Movement and Combat.

If you have been following the Genesys Project, then you already know there are a lot of new concepts for tabletop gaming, including one that I wanted to bring up for subterranean movement and combat. So how does this feel and look on the tabletop?

Imagine the ground bursting forth with Gargoyles that then can take flight. 

Subterranean models move across the battlefield with a token base to mark their movement. This differs from having flying a bases that hold miniatures high in the air for aerial movement above the battlefield. Moving below the ground is slower than above, but emerging up onto the battlefield can be highly advantageous and avoid the dangers of ranged weapons.

Several Domains have advantages undergound, like the Insekts, Biests, and even the Reptilia. However Subterranean Combat limits the advantages of weapons that have a long threat range for melee combat with large subterranean models hold the advantage in melee combat, as they can still reach further than their smaller counterparts gaining a first strike in melee. Of course pistols and other weapons able to be used in melee combat can still be used to help equal out the underground combats.

Certain effects have a greater affect underground. These include Resonance/sound attacks, Lightning, and even flame or incendiary effects. Resonance attacks enhance their strength underground and provide a greater enhanced range, while Lightning or electrical attacks produce a large area effect. Fire is the interesting one, as it suffocates those underground, debilitating them and taking away any actions models in the targeted area have.

Other interesting features of underground movement and combat are what happens when a model in melee combat or near you tries to escape underground. Models on the ground above may jump in and enter the fleeing models tunnel to engage in melee combat. However, in the dark the creature you pursue may have the advantage.

While subterranean movement and combat have not been available during the Open Beta, in house teams have been playing with these rules and upon release of the game..... which is coming soon, you will be able to take your battles underground....

Don't worry Humanoids, 2nd and 3rd Age battles allow for the construction of vehicles and machines that can fight underground!

 The Genesys Project Allows you to Create Your Faction in any of the 3 Ages of game play, or start at the 1st and continue your faction leveling them through all the Ages. Create your own Backstory, and play games to create an ever-evolving history and background.

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